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Paul T.

The book is excellent! Used it as a guide and reference. Went to the Toronto RV Show with 4 RVs in mind, based on the research you provided. By the 2nd day we purchased a Fifth Wheel. With your book on my IPad in hand, we asked the right questions and it greatly aided us in our final decision.

Kelly T.

I thank you for your assistance, prompt reply, and the report, which is very informative and provides just the info we were looking for to make our choice.

Mike W.

Thanks for the excellent RV Review Report. It supports my research and reassures me that I’m looking at the right unit for my intended use. Your PPI is on my check-off list of needs before I finalize my purchase (probably July or August). It’s been a pleasure working with you. Your RV info products and reviews will be #1 on my list of recommendations for any potential RV buyers I meet on my travels.

Jim M.

Thanks for the book and report. Your product was very informative and valuable, with a lot of information for the price.

Patricia D.

I just want to take this time to thank you for writing the Motorhome Comparison Guide as well as the “How to Save Thousands” report which I downloaded prior to buying the comparison guide. As a result, I learned much more than I thought I would and I am now confident that I will be prepared when I do finally buy my first RV.

Gary D.

After digesting your very informative Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel Guide, I did something I have told others I would NEVER do. I purchased a NEW fifth wheel. After finding the “perfect” unit, I did the research as explained in your guide, and stuck to my guns as you prescribed, and made the purchase. As a result, I honestly believe I saved several thousand dollars by reading your guide. Using your Comparison Guide and the other “free stuff” you provided, made the experience a fun one. I would definitely recommend your guide to RVers. It paid for itself many times over!

Conrad and Evelyn C.

Thank you for writing all the useful articles and books that really help older folk transitioning to this type of lifestyle.

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We’ve been providing RV reviews for all the top RV manufacturers in North America for more than 20 years now. We are an independent research firm and accept no monies, financial considerations or kickbacks to promote one RV over another. All of our books and RV reviews are written in-house by our staff and editors in an easy-to-read style that help even the greenest RVer become an industry insider.

Our best-selling RV guides are considered the gold standard for consumers looking for inside information about the recreational vehicle industry, its’ manufacturers and their products. We’ve helped thousands of RV buyers buy right, the first time -for less. Each respective guide focuses on one segment of RV (Motorhomes, Travel Trailers & Fifth Wheels, Lightweight & Pop-Ups and Truck Campers) and is loaded with money saving tips, tricks, and important things to watch out for or avoid. To summarize, you only need the RV Reviews guide relevant to your search.

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Did you know that roughly 70% of current RV owners feel they paid too much or bought the wrong RV? 70%! With our updated comparison guides and tutorials, you can save thousands of dollars on the purchase of your RV. Equally important, you’ll get an RV that meets your needs. Don’t find yourself in the unfortunate majority that realizes they overpaid or bought an RV that doesn’t fit their needs -after the fact. A little research now can save you thousands later.

Our RV buying guides will help you select the best RV model for you -and save thousands in the process. We rate over 105 RV manufacturers in North America and provide individual model ratings. Besides our Best-selling Comparison Guides and RV-Reviews, other popular products include our Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist, Extended RV Warranty Guide and How To Buy An RV And Save.

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25 Feb: Back In Stock

An apology to those of you who attempted to purchase the 2020 Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel Comparison Guide recently and encountered an “Out of Stock” status. The initial printing sold faster than expected, temporarily leaving us with empty shelves during our Winter Sale.

21 Feb: Back in stock: The 2020 Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel Comparison Guide

An apology to those of you who attempted to purchase the 2020 Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel Comparison Guide recently…

02 Dec: Holiday Gifts for RV fans…

Strap yourselves in, everyone. The holidays kick off this week, whether you’re ready or not. There’s going to be a…

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