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We’ve been providing RV reviews for all the top RV manufacturers and popular models in North America for over 20 years. We are an independent research firm and accept no monies, financial considerations, or kickbacks to promote one RV over another. All of our RV consumer guides are written in-house by our staff and editors in an easy-to-read format that helps you select the perfect RV for your travel needs at below retail prices.

Our RV guides focus on: Motorhomes (Class A, C & B’s) Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Toy Haulers, Lightweight Travel Trailers, and Pop Up Trailers. Each book is loaded with rating charts, in-depth reviews, factory and model-specific information along with money-saving tips that will save you thousands of dollars when it’s time to buy, new or used.

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Did you know that roughly 70% of RV owners feel they paid too much or bought the wrong RV? With our RV Comparison Guides, you will know which RV manufacturers build the best RVs. We review almost every RV manufacturer in North America and most of their popular selling models. Simply choose one of our popular RV guides below to learn more about each resource.

Motorhome Comparison Guide

Available in printed & E-book format

The Motorhome Comparison Guide covers the majority of Motorhome manufacturers and popular models in North America, from 2008-2021.

Find articles about each RV builder as well as rating charts, construction information, and valuable money-saving buying tips.

All classes are covered: Classes A, B, B+, C, and C+.

Travel Trailer & 5th Wheel Comparison Guide

Available in printed & e-book format

The Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel Comparison Guide rates the majority of RV trailer manufacturers and models in North America from 2006-2021.

Find articles about each RV trailer company as well as rating charts, construction information, and valuable money-saving buying tips.

Featuring Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, and Toy Haulers

Lightweight Travel Trailer Comparison Guide

Available in printed & E-book format

The Lightweight Travel Trailer Comparison Guide features popular RV manufacturers, as well as lots of tips and tricks to find the best lightweight for your needs. Each article is based on actual owner feedback and data collected from hundreds of hours of research. Learn about:

  • Company background and history
  • Principle target customer
  • List of best-selling models
  • Average MSRP of best-selling models
  • Financial stability of company & more

Featuring Lightweights and Pop-Up Trailers of All Sizes

Other Popular RV Buying Guides

Our best-selling E-Books have helped thousands of RV buyers save money and time!

The Ultimate Pre-Purchase Inspection Guide

Our authoritative guide, written in an easy-to-read style can be used by anyone and will enable you to confirm for yourself that your RV is road-ready and problem-free before leaving the dealership.

Downloads quickly, be reading in a matter of minutes


RV Extended Warranty

In this RV resource, you will receive important money-saving tips and tricks to help you get an extended warranty policy for up to 50% less than the price offered to you by a dealer.

Downloads quickly, be reading in a matter of minutes

Top 100 RV Dealers

top 100 RV Dealers

This RV guide has valuable tips on how to select a reliable RV dealer in your area and you will learn which dealers deserve your business. Be an informed buyer with this valuable resource that will save you time and eliminate stress and frustration.

Downloads quickly, be reading in a matter of minutes

How To Buy An RV And Save


For those that have already decided on a particular RV, we have put forth this amazing and valuable guide. Did you know that most RV buyers feel they paid too much for their RV, whether it’s new or used?

Downloads quickly, be reading in a matter of minutes

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Paul T.

The book is excellent! Used it as a guide and reference. Went to the Toronto RV Show with 4 RVs in mind, based on the research you provided. By the 2nd day we purchased a Fifth Wheel. With your book on my IPad in hand, we asked the right questions and it greatly aided us in our final decision.

Kelly T.

I thank you for your assistance, prompt reply, and the report, which is very informative and provides just the info we were looking for to make our choice.

Mike W.

Thanks for the excellent RV Review Report. It supports my research and reassures me that I’m looking at the right unit for my intended use. Your PPI is on my check-off list of needs before I finalize my purchase (probably July or August). It’s been a pleasure working with you. Your RV info products and reviews will be #1 on my list of recommendations for any potential RV buyers I meet on my travels.

Jim M.

Thanks for the book and report. Your product was very informative and valuable, with a lot of information for the price.

Patricia D.

I just want to take this time to thank you for writing the Motorhome Comparison Guide as well as the “How to Save Thousands” report which I downloaded prior to buying the comparison guide. As a result, I learned much more than I thought I would and I am now confident that I will be prepared when I do finally buy my first RV.

Gary D.

After digesting your very informative Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel Guide, I did something I have told others I would NEVER do. I purchased a NEW fifth wheel. After finding the “perfect” unit, I did the research as explained in your guide, and stuck to my guns as you prescribed, and made the purchase. As a result, I honestly believe I saved several thousand dollars by reading your guide. Using your Comparison Guide and the other “free stuff” you provided, made the experience a fun one. I would definitely recommend your guide to RVers. It paid for itself many times over!

Conrad and Evelyn C.

Thank you for writing all the useful articles and books that really help older folk transitioning to this type of lifestyle.

I really appreciate your quick service & humor. To be honest, I wasn’t sure that I needed to purchase your RV guide & reports. I spent a lot of time researching the different 5th wheel manufacturers(too much). Living in Montana the selection of RV’s can be limited. Your information reassured me that I was making the right decision. That in itself was worth the price. I located a Grand Design 300GK 600 miles away ($6,000 cheaper than in Billings MT). For that, I can take a road trip.  There was a difference of 10% off MSRP & 33% off MSRP. Unfortunately, you did confirm that I will lose 50% in five years. That was always a good rule (or bad), and apparently still is.

I have been reading the comparison guide. It is very well done. The woman who answered the phone and spoke with me was very kind, thoughtful and helpful. Keep up the great work you are doing!

Gratefully. Tom

Hi,……..this book is amazing! I have only read a little bit and I am already floored. Outstanding product and this definitely makes our choice more informed.


Lance S.

Thank you very much. This is a great resource and we will continue to recommend it to people we know looking to buy. Thank you for a great resource.


I recently purchased your ultimate package of motorhome books. I have read all of them and find the information extremely helpful as I prepare to purchase my first RV. Thanks for your help and keep up the great work. Your books and the work you put into it is extremely valuable.

Thanks, George

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