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About Us

Company History

RV Author Randall made its debut with the publication of a single book, The RV Comparison Guide, way back in 1999. Google was only a year old at the time and Twitter, YouTube and Facebook did not exist.

Randall Eaton, now Senior Editor, started out as a salesperson for a factory-built housing company in Washington State. In lieu of a typical sales spiel, Randall developed an educational approach, teaching customers how to identify quality construction and materials. Prospective home buyers, impressed with his honest approach and industry knowledge, told their friends. Before long, Randy had more requests for his time than he could fulfill.

The First Comparison Guide

In an effort to reach more people, Randy decided to convert his now well-practiced presentation in to a pamphlet for his customers. Writing and researching at night and on weekends, the pamphlet quickly expanded in to a book. Once it was published, “How To Buy A Manufactured Home & Save Thousands” became a surprise best-seller. At the time, books about manufactured homes were written or funded by the companies building the homes. They were marketing gimmicks intended to lure customers.

What set Randy’s book apart from the others was its unbiased approach. For the first time, buyers could learn the pros and cons about each manufacturer. It was the first truly independent research guide in the industry. This became the template for the first RV Comparison Guide, which proved to be even more popular when it was published. Eventually, it spawned the entire range of products now available.

Now, with tens of thousands of copies sold, is the gold standard for honest, unbiased RV comparison guides. For more than twenty years we have helped RV buyers find the best model at the right price. The majority of our readers that have reached out to us over the years have indicated that they purchased a different RV after reading our guide than they had initially planned on, and were glad they did.

What do we offer now?

These days offers an RV comparison guide for four different types:

Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheels
Lightweight Travel Trailers

Aside from the RV comparison guides, now offers other guides pertinent to today’s RV buyer. These include The Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist, The RV Extended Warranty Guide, The Top 100 RV Dealers and the very popular RV Reports). Our commitment to providing honest and informative reviews remains as important today as it did ten years ago.

We are proud to say that we receive no kickbacks, financial considerations, gifts, monies or any other compensation to recommend one manufacturer over another.

We understand that our guides are not the cheapest books available but they provide incredible value. Our prices cover our travel costs, research, writing, publishing, advertising and shipping. Operating as an independent research firm, we receive no compensation from the companies we review. This raises our prices some but guarantees the customer a product they can trust. Simply put, a $100 investment in our products will provide you the information to wisely purchase the right RV, at the best possible price.

Find out today what tens of thousands of RV owners already know. Trusted for for more than 20 Years.

Best Regards,

The Team