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Company History

RVReviews.net is owned and operated by JR Consumer Resources, which originally got its start in 1999. Randall Eaton, now Senior Editor, started out as a salesperson for a factory-built housing center in Washington State. Randall decided to write a housing guide titled; “How To Buy A Manufactured Home & Save Thousands.” The book combined buying tips with a comparison guide featuring the majority of housing manufacturers in the United States. Written in an easy-to-read style and offering lots of previously unpublished information for the new home buyer, this first guide became a best seller, out-selling all other related housing publications combined. What set Randall’s book apart from the others was its unbiased approach to presenting the good and the bad about each manufacturer. It was the first truly independent research guide in the industry. This became the template for the first RV Comparison Guide, which proved to be even more popular and eventually spawned the entire range of products now available. 

Now, with tens of thousands of copies sold, RVReviews.net is the industry standard for honest, unbiased RV reviews and comparisons. For ten years we have helped RV buyers find the best RV for them -at the best price. A recent poll by an independent third party determined that the average reader (Ultimate Package) estimated they saved over $1,000.00 as a result of information found in the package. The majority of readers responded that they purchased a different RV after reading our guide than they had initially planned on -and were glad they did.

These days RVReviews.net offers four different comparison guides (Motorhome, Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel, Lightweight Travel Trailer and Truck Camper) that are updated annually, as well as various other guides pertinent to today’s RV buyer (Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist, RV Extended Warranty Guide, and the very popular RV Reports). Our commitment to providing honest and informative reviews remains as important today as it did ten years ago. We are proud to say that we receive no kickbacks, financial considerations, gifts, monies or any other compensation to recommend one manufacturer over another

We understand that our guides are not the cheapest books available but they provide incredible value. Our prices cover our travel costs, research, writing, publishing, advertising and shipping. Needless to say, operating as an independent research firm, we receive no compensation from the companies we review. This raises our prices some but guarantees the customer a product they can trust. Simply put, a $100 investment in our products will provide you the information to wisely purchase the best RV for you -at the best price.

Find out today what thousands of RV owners already know. RVReviews.net: Trusted for 10 Years.

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