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ACC Warranty Group Disappears from Radar

A quick head’s up today for those of you with RV Extended Warranties. 

Apparently ACC Warranty Group, a company well-known in RV circles for their RV Warranties, has folded its tent and stolen away in to the night. We’ve heard reports that this happened some time ago but customers are still finding out as they attempt to file claims. Rumors suggest the downfall was prompted by the Norcold Refrigerator Recall debacle but we can’t confirm this. We suggest no one should continue with further payments on any ACC provided policy until you confirm to your own satisfaction that your money will be used to continue your coverage. 

At one time ACC was a good company and their prices were excellent. They were heavily focused on the RV industry and filled a niche that didn’t have a lot of players. We hate to see them go. Legally we’ve been advised they are obligated to turn over their book of policies to a legitimate executor to provide uninterrupted service to customers but we have not been able to find out who this is.

If anyone has any information on who is handling ACC’s policies after their closure please send us an e-mail ( with any pertinent info and we will make sure to pass it on to our customers. Finding out their policy is still legitimate could really make someone’s day so please reach out if you can help.

As many of you know, we recently updated our “Extended RV Warranty Guide”. At the time of writing we actually chose to remove ACC from our recommended list based on feedback that showed some issues with customer service and response time. Little did we know they were on their last legs. We also removed several others with feedback that had either stagnated or dropped in any way. In the end, after much internal discussion, we decided to recommend only two companies: Good Sam and Both of these companies have earned a high trust factor with our customers -and us. We have always been impressed with their customer service and insistence on providing policies backed by only the most respected insurance companies. We suggest checking out either of them if you are in the market. offers an additional discount to our customers so make sure and mention code “RVREVIEWS.NET” when requesting a quote.