Buying a 2018 RV: How to Blow Your Hard-Earned Money in 1 Easy Step

Well, it’s that time of year again: summer is winding down, the fall RV shows are gearing up, and our staff is working overtime trying to keep up with the deluge of 2018 models hitting the market. Don’t feel too sorry for them, though. They get all the free coffee and donuts they can consume and […]

When Your Slide-Out won’t slide out -or in

We get a lot of mail here at about the problems people encounter with their RVs. The #1 complaint is always fit and finish issues (you might want to consider our Pre-Purchase Inspection Guide if you’re currently in the market for a new or used RV), followed by leaks (even in this day of […]

RV News Flash: Family Owned Jayco Gobbled Up By Thor*

*The RV manufacturer, not the comic book figure with the hammer**. **Isn’t a super-hero armed with a hammer the worst gimmick ever? I mean, he’s always got to lug this heavy hand tool around everywhere. And once you throw it at someone you have to go get it. Does the villain patiently wait while Thor […]

RV Refrigerators: More Bad News

Whether you know it or not, many of you have a Dometic/Norcold refrigerator in your existing RV –or will probably have one in the RV you are considering. They’ve provided the lion’s share of RV refrigerators for years now. As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, there has been a long running rumor that something is […]

The NEW Motorhome Comparison Guide is here.

We are pleased to announce the release of the revised and updated Motorhome Comparison Guide for 2016. Ideally we publish these updates in early January but some late breaking events in the RV world as well as some last minute significant model releases prompted a delay to include these changes. The result is the most current […]

When is the best time to buy an RV?

We get asked this at least once a week without fail yet we don’t think most people consider timing when buying an RV. Instead, the RV bug bites out of the blue (or so they think) and off they go to an RV Show or dealership. After a little time poking around, they haggle a […]

When Will the 2016 Guides Be Available?

It’s that time of year again. Manufacturers have been rolling out the 2016 models for some time but with the onset of the Fall RV Shows -especially the Big One in Hershey- they’re now coming fast and furious. Behind the scenes here we’ve been working overtime, talking to manufacturers and designers, dealers, and owners. As […]

The RV Shows are coming! How to Spot a Good Deal.

RV shows are an extremely valuable opportunity for the new RV buyer. Under one roof you can inspect multiple models and visit with your local dealers in a heated, well lit environment. Dealers and manufacturers spend a lot of money to partake in these events and it goes without saying that they want a solid […]

Can your RV make money for you?

Supposedly we are entering the era of the “sharing economy”. You might not have heard this buzz-phrase yet but chances are you will. It’s gaining ground every day and is a very interesting idea.  Whether it’s good interesting or bad interesting remains to be determined. The premise is simple. Americans are a privileged lot compared […]