Do RV vacations really save you money? We run the numbers:

A recent survey was taken of over 2,000 existing RVers. 78% thought RVing was the cheapest way to travel compared to renting a hotel room. Stable fuel prices the last few years combined with more efficient RV powerplants and tow vehicles is having a positive effect on the RV industry as more people are buying […]

RV Dealers raising prices due to high demand. 20% off MSRP? Walk away.

Recent conversations with RV manufacturers and dealers have confirmed a trend that we are seeing ourselves here at The RV market is starting to boom. Some of this is seasonal, as we’ve touched on in the past, but a healthy stock market, stable oil prices and record low interest rates are enabling consumers to take advantage […]


This week we’re turning the tables on you. Instead of our typical “Trends and Buying Tips” article for RV buyers, we are requesting information from you. Many of you have recently purchased a new RV using one or both of our books (The Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel Comparison Guide and The Motorhome Comparison Guide) and know that a […]