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Cheat Sheet Friday: A brief look at our products -including SALE items.

ultimate rv combo for buyers looking to buy a travel trailer or motorhome

Fridays don’t arrive fast enough for most people -hence, the acronym TGIF. I’m going to assume these people aren’t responsible for a weekly article with a Friday deadline.  In my experience nothing speeds up the week like a looming deadline. During my student days I despised essay deadlines and vowed they would never be a part of my adult life -whenever that happened. The irony that deadlines have followed me in to the real world like some sort of Ghost of Teachers Past isn’t lost on me. It’s worth pointing out that “understanding irony” and “appreciating irony” are two different things entirely.

Once a week I stroll in to the office, morning coffee in hand and a song in my heart, and I see my trusty Post-It note stuck to the middle of my computer screen: ARTICLE DUE TODAY, and the song goes silent, replaced by the groan of a man face-to-face with his childhood nemesis: the deadline.Even though I am the one that sticks the Post-It note to my own computer every Thursday night, I am still  caught off-guard. Every. Single. Time. “Another article?” I think, “I just DID one last week!”

Reviewing RVs has kept me busy for quite a few years now and I usually look forward to a new project. Employing the magical powers of Microsoft Word, it takes only a few clicks to see that our output over the past few years is well over 1,000 pages. That’s a lot of RV reviews and buying tips.Regarding our books I’m never short of ideas. The RV industry is a bit like the Wild West and something is always happening. Companies appear and disappear with startling regularity, defects and warranty issues are made public -and often denied- and new models appear almost daily. But toss a deadline my way and my mind goes blank.

Luckily, sometimes someone helps me out, though. An idea, a suggestion, a friendly (usually) e-mail. This week I was saved by longtime reader Mike P. (shout out to Tucson, AZ), who wondered “We’re in the market for our second RV but want to do some more research this time around. I’m on your site but not sure where to start. Is there one main book you suggest as a starting point?”

Thanks for writing in, Mike. Really. And the answer is, No. One main book as a starting point sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s not that easy. Motorhomes and travel trailers are both RVs but they’re as different as apples and oranges. A single book that could be applied to pop-up trailers and diesel motorhomes would be, off the top of my head, roughly 1,000 pages long. And frankly no one wants to read the RV equivalent of War & Peace to find a family camper. 

Poor Mike, I thought, but then I had an idea. What about a single article highlighting our most popular books? It could be a sort of Cliff Notes version of our RV buying guides. Warming to the task, I plucked the ARTICLE DUE TODAY Post-It note from my monitor and began this week’s article. Which brings us to here.And now, without further ado, a brief tutorial on the most popular books from -including a few that are on sale right now.

Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel Comparison Guide The book that started it all. Newly updated and loaded with articles about all the most (and least) popular RV manufacturers in North America.

How to Buy an RV and Save A brief intro to RV buying that covers the basics (and secrets) of buying an RV for less. Unlike the Comparison Guides, the “How to Buy an RV” doesn’t review specific manufacturers but focuses on the buying process itself. Useful for anyone in the market for any type of RV.

Motorhome Comparison Guide The book that followed the book that started it all. The best-selling Motorhome Comparison Guide is a must-have for anyone considering a motorhome. Covering all classes (A, B, B+, C and C+) and full of comparison charts and interesting articles.

The Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist Prompted by the number of complaints we’ve received from readers who paid hundreds of dollars for an RV inspection from a “pro” and were left underwhelmed. So many people told us they could have done the PPI themselves if they’d known what it involved, that we decided they were right. The PPI Checklist teaches anyone how to inspect an RV like a pro -for a heck of a lot less money.

How to Buy an Extended RV Warranty Originally intended as an article for a magazine, The Extended RV Warranty Guide kept growing until it became  a buying guide of its own. Required reading for anyone trying to determine if the dealer’s extended warranty is worth the expense (it’s not), and full of tips to buy your own warranty direct from the source -for a lot less.

Bundle and Save Buying Packages is a great way to save money. You get all the books you need in one package -for less.
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