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Class B Motorhome Reviews

Class B Motorhome Reviews: Find Out Who Builds the Best Today

Motorhome Comparison GuideOur Newly Updated Motorhome Comparison Guide now provides Class B Motorhome Ratings. We rate the top RV manufacturers of Class A, B, B+, C and C+ motorhomes.

Why consider a Class B Motorhome?

Class B motorhomes have come a long way since the 1970s. Today, Class B motorhomes begin with a stock chassis by Mercedes, Ford, Chevrolet, GMC and Dodge. Advances in materials and construction have resulted in stronger, lighter bodies. These are less prone to rust or leaks and require less maintenance. Taking a cue from the larger Class A, many B & B+ coaches now feature slide-outs, greatly improving interior space. To the relief of nearly everyone, four-cylinder engines have mostly gone by the wayside in North America. While still popular in Europe, four-bangers were never well-suited to North America’s seemingly endless highways. Advances in six and eight cylinder engines in recent years have improved fuel efficiency considerably without giving up much in the way of on-tap power. With the resurgence of the Class B coach, today’s RV buyer has a wide choice of options from numerous manufacturers. 

What to expect from today’s Class B motorhomes

Air bags, tire pressure monitoring systems, anti-lock brakes and stability control are now standard fare, providing you and your family a safer driving experience without added expense. Our Class B (and B+) motorhome comparison guide will help you choose between gas or diesel power -perhaps the most important decision you’ll make. Readers will also learn about the importance of floor plan design, construction techniques and materials, as well as which manufacturers and/or models to avoid. In the past, RV buyers bought Class B coaches mostly for short vacations or weekend duty. Today, though, with the advent of larger, more reliable engines, many RVers use their Class B for Snow Bird or even Full Time travel.

With their excellent road manners and fuel efficiency, some of the van based coaches actually serve double duty as a daily driver. Knowing your garage height will also help you determine if your new Class B will fit in to your garage. While today’s Class B coaches are undeniably more expensive than previous generation versions, the features and reliability now available provide much better value over time. In fact, for singles, couples and smaller families, today’s Class B coaches can be a considerable bargain when you consider that a Class B usually sells for less than half the price of a Class A.  

What is a Class B+ Motorhome?

What is a Class B+ MotorhomeA Class B+ motorhome is actually a form of Class C, with a larger custom body. Not being confined to the footprint of a typical van body, a B+ is noticeably larger and more in line with most people’s idea of “a real RV”. With a dedicated cockpit and cab-over design (i.e. the body expands over the cab as seen in the picture at the right), the B+ utilizes this extra space for much needed storage, TV mounting, or a small bunk that kids will love and everyone else will hate. Slide-outs are also much more common on a B+ than a B. Stepping inside you’ll find that not only does the body itself have more interior room, but the slide-outs add a sense of spaciousness impossible in a traditional Class B.

Why a Class B+ Motorhome?

If you are planning on extended travel or desire more of a “home away from home” experience, a Class B+ is worth a look. For many people, a walk through of today’s B+ with its’ larger chassis and body (with slide-outs) immediately makes the Class B they had intended to buy seem hopelessly cramped and claustrophobic. Happily, with a much larger market than the Class B, and with more companies offering them, a Class B+ is often priced lower than their smaller brethren. If you are on the fence, a side-by-side comparison will be time well spent. Our newly updated Class B motorhome reviews can help.

Despite employing the same chassis, today’s B+ is usually a bit easier to drive than the slightly larger and beefier Class C. It is basically a Class C Light. Today’s B+ can be the perfect choice if you find the B a bit small for your needs. The B+ is usually less expensive, too. All three versions are similar enough to warrant some research.

Class B Motorhome Ratings –  Buy Right the First Time While Saving Money 

We have received many requests for more Class B motorhome reviews -and the new Motorhome Comparison Guide delivers. With this in mind we have expanded our coverage of the B classes in the new Motorhome Comparison Guide. Not only will you find extensive coverage of the key players, but you’ll also find dedicated comparison charts. This will enable you to see how each manufacturer compares to their peers. Gas prices are rising combined with the expense and overwhelming size of a Class A. As a result, today’s Class B’s are proving increasingly popular. Smaller families and couples find the new designs provide ample room for even extended travel. And new RVers appreciate the van-like driving experience.

One of the largest groups entering the Class B market are those downsizing from a Class A. That makes you think, doesn’t it? For those of you considering a smaller Class A, today’s B class may be worth a look. With the advent of multiple slide-outs, your first peek inside today’s Class B+ might be an eye opener.

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