Class B Motorhome Ratings

Class B Motorhome Reviews: Find Out Who Builds the Best Today

Class B RV Motorhome Comparison GuideJust Released – Our Newly Updated Motorhome Comparison Guide rates over 45 RV manufacturers that build Class A, C, B & B+ motorhomes. Out of 45 manufacturers rated in our publication, Class B Motorhome Reviews feature in approximately 20 articles.

What is a Class B Motorhome?

Class B Motorhome ReviewsClass B motorhomes have come a long ways since the 1970s. Today Class B motorhomes have a much more aerodynamic look and are built on a stock van chassis produced by Mercedes, Ford, Chevrolet, GMC and Dodge. Most have a top extension providing more headroom and some models even include basement storage. Safety is a big concern with most RV consumers and Class B motorhomes rate very well in this area.

With driver and passenger air bags, tire pressure monitoring systems and rollover protection features built into most Class Bs, it all adds up to a safe driving experience. Our Class B motorhome reviews will discuss gas vs. diesel power, sleeping space, construction techniques and materials, as well as must-have features -as well as those to avoid. Best suited for weekend trips and shorter vacations, Class B RVs are not suited for full-time use. Regardless, sales are on the rise because of excellent road manners, ability to serve double duty as a daily family vehicle and functionality. Another important selling feature is price, with many Class B & B+ RVs selling for less than half of a Class motorhome. 

What is a Class B+ Motorhome?

Class B Motorhome Reviews 2A Class B+ motorhome is a style of RV more closely resembling a Class C motorhome, with a cab-style front. Like all standard Class C motorhomes, this cab-style front does not have a sleeping area above the cab. The area above the cab in a Class B plus is often used for storage and/or an area for a TV.

Class B + is built on a larger chassis when compared to the smaller, standard Class B van chassis. The chassis under a Class B+ is usually the same chassis used in most Class C motorhomes, though Class B + motorhomes are a bit easier to drive compared to a standard size Class C motorhome. Basically a Class B plus is a mini version of a Class C motorhome.

Class B Motorhome Reviews –  Buy Right the First Time While Saving Money 

We have received many emails requesting we feature this growing segment of RV products, and we are glad to announce this new publication. With high gas prices and the cost factor of purchasing a Class A or Class C motorhome the popularity of Class B’s has continued to rise and many RV factories are producing more of these units to meet the growing demand.

We at started researching this classification in 2009 and a year later began including Class B Motorhome Reviews in our annual Motorhome Comparison Guide. Today’s guide now covers all major Class B & B+ manufacturers in the industry. We provide factory ratings for Class B & B+ from 2010 to today’s latest models . 

With over 20 different Class B manufacturers rated we believe this new addition is a great resource for anyone considering this type of product. We are committed to bringing our readers the most accurate information that is up-to-date with detailed ratings you won’t find anywhere else.

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