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Learn how to Avoid Paying Too Much For Your RV with the Original RV Buyers Guide

RV Buyers GuideOne of the most common questions we get asked is: “How do I know if I am getting a good deal?” The answer is – You can’t know, unless you understand dealer profit margins and what percentages to use when determining wholesale values. Without this knowledge it is impossible to know for sure if you’re getting a good deal. Our RV Buyers Guide can help.

What the dealers don’t want you to know: If you’re looking for some free information online that provides this valuable industry insider information, good luck, it does not exist. Sure, there are some basic RV Buying Tips out there, but most are written by RV companies or dealers and their goal is to make as much profit as possible on the sale of an RV. Obviously, there is a conflict of interest here.

The good news is our RV Buyers Guide does go into detail and provides real answers with proven buying strategies and formulas to help you get the best deal possible.  We first published this guide in 2006 and it is still the #1 selling RV Buyers Guide today. As an independent research firm, has no obligation, financial or otherwise, to protect the RV dealer. Our only obligation is to assist the consumer: You.

Would you be willing to spend $20 bucks to save two thousand dollars or more? We received a call a couple months ago from a lady that told us that our RV Buyers Guide saved her over $30,000 on a used motorhome. Most statistics show that 80% of RV buyers pay too much and only 20% successfully negotiate a great deal. This means that 8 out of 10 RV buyers are paying way more than they should for their RV, new or used.

Here is what is included in our in our E-book:

  • What Not to Do When Buying an RV, New or Used.
  • What is a Fair Profit Margin?
  • Chart Showing Discounts Based On Retail Pricing.
  • How to Determine My RV Dealers Invoice?
  • Submitting an Offer that Achieves Results. 
  • Tips for Securing the Best RV Loan.
  • 10 Important Tips to Secure the Best RV Insurance.

How to Buy an RV and SAVE Thou$and$!

RV Buyers Guide: Money Back Guarantee

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RV Extended Warranties

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RV extended warranty policies can have a huge mark-up and are a big money maker for RV dealers.

Our Newly Revised Guide shows you how to Buy the Best Policies for MUCH LESS.

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 Top-100 RV Dealers
Find reputable dealers that deserve your business

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The best way to ensure a problem-free purchase is to research a RV dealers’ reputation before making a purchase. We have put together this amazing 12-page E-Book, which lists 100 of the best RV dealers in the country. In addition to learning which dealers deserve your business we have also included some valuable tips on how to select a reliable RV dealer.

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Order all 3 E-Books at a discounted price!

This special package includes all THREE POPULAR E-Books, which have helped thousands of RV buyers find a reputable RV dealer, negotiate a great price and select the right warranty company at the best possible price.

This amazing offer will guide you through the maze of buying a new or used RV and help you save thousands of dollars when negotiating a price with a private party or your RV Dealer.

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