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How To Buy an RV & Save Thousands

rv buying guideFor over two decades, our, “How To Buy An RV And Save” has taught tens of thousands of readers how to negotiate a much better price from their dealer or private party.

One of the most common questions we get is: “How do I know if I am getting a good deal?”

Unfortunately, the answer is – You won’t know, until you understand dealer profit margins and wholesale values. Once you understand how to put our strategies in place, you will be able to negotiate your way as close to wholesale as possible.

Without this knowledge it is impossible to know for sure if you’re getting a good deal. Now in its’ 15th edition, our RV Buyers Guide can help anyone looking for a new or used RV model.

The problem with free RV buying advice: Who do you trust?

Chances are, if you’re looking for some simple, unbiased RV buying tips online, you’re finding lots of bland and vaguely worded How-To guides that always seem to be written with one goal: to get you to visit an RV site owned by a dealer or manufacturer. Do you see the conflict of interest here? Why would you take RV buying tips from the very same people trying to SELL you an RV?

Our RV buying guide goes into detail and provides real answers with simple bargaining strategies, as well as lots of money saving tips that will help you get the best deal possible. We first published this guide in 2006 and it remains the #1 selling RV Buyers Guide today. As an independent research firm, has no obligation, financial or otherwise, to protect the RV dealer. Our only obligation is to assist the consumer: You.

Would you be willing to spend $30 bucks to save two thousand dollars or more?

We received a call a couple months ago from a reader who told us that one simple tip in our RV buying guide saved her almost $20,000 on a used motorhome. Statistics show that most RV buyers feel they paid too much for their RV. Our guide will prepare you to negotiate with your RV dealer and which offers and add-ons you need to avoid.

For example, don’t pay for any aftermarket paint protectant your dealer offers because it may void the manufacturer’s warranty. Even if you purchase an Extended RV Warranty, you may not be covered. While many RV dealers push expensive paint protectant as an upcharge, these are not needed for any modern RV, regardless of price. Lastly, many of these protectants require annual applications by your deanship. If you miss an application, the protectant warranty will also be void. Even worse, most RV buyers don’t release when they pay for the initial paint protectant, that they will have to pay several hundred dollars annually for the annual coating.

How To Buy an RV and Save Thousands

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