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Our updated motorhome reviews rates over 96% RV manufacturers and popular models from 2008-2022.

The industry’s best-selling Motorhome Comparison Guide for over 20 years. Rating Class A, B, B+, C and C+ motorhomes in North America. Our guides are updated every year. Therefore, you get the latest in-depth reviews based on research and owner feedback.

The newly updated Guide provides honest reviews and money saving buying tips for any motorhome. In fact, our buying tips alone will save you thousands of dollars on any motorhome, new or used.

Who builds the best motorhomes for the money?

It never fails. Someone will call our office and ask, “Who builds the best motorhomes?” Great question. But there’s no simple answer. For example, consider the following questions.

  • How long do you plan to own your RV?
  • How long do you plan to vacation in your motorhome each year?
  • Do you want diesel or gas?
  • How much is your budget?
  • Will you be towing anything?
  • Do you plan to go off road?

The Motorhome Comparison Guide answers all these questions and many more. Because the bulk of our feedback comes actual RV owners, you can benefit from their experiences.


shopping for a motorhome at an rv dealerMost common RV buying mistake

First, most buyers start at the dealer when shopping for a motorhome. In addition, they’ve done no research beforehand. As a result, they focus on floorpans and decor. But they know nothing about the build quality beneath the surface. This approach almost always leads to buyer’s remorse.

Without knowing which RV manufacturer builds top-quality models that hold their resale value over time is a big mistake. We believe in starting at the manufacture level first and our strategy has been proven to be correct. There is no other RV resource that we are aware of that has been successful helping consumers purchase a RV over the past 20-years. Our easy-to-read motorhome reviews have helped thousands of RV buyers buy right the first time.

What to Look for in a Well-Built Motorhome

Everyone want to know if the model they are considering is well built. Nobody wants a poorly built motorhome, new or used. With the Guide you’ll learn how to recognize quality construction. Also, you’ll discover how each motorhome compares against its peers. In summary, our motorhome reviews will save both time and money.

Build quality is important when choosing a Class A, B or C motorhome. Therefore, we explain everything you need to know about today’s construction and materials. (See Chapter 2.) Some of the areas we discuss include the following.

  • motorhome cut away a look insideChassis & frames.
  • Exterior wall construction.
  • Insulation types.
  • Plumbing & electrical.
  • Kitchen cabinets.
  • Windows.
  • Roofing materials.
  • The pros and cons between diesel and gas engines.


class b motorhomeAs we conducted our research, we discovered that most salespeople didn’t know much, regarding how their products were constructed. This was frustrating and made our research team look deeper into the industry to see how much those in upper management knew about construction methods. Interestingly, most in management were also somewhat clueless about construction techniques of their products.

We were beginning to think we would never finish the construction chapter until we decided to contact motorhome plant managers themselves. To our surprise, many plant managers were delighted to speak with us and they had the technical expertise we were looking for. Much of their insight and feedback has gone into our best-selling publication. We also receive valuable input from previous motorhome owners and those that have purchased our RV guides in the past.

class a motorhome with side-outsIn addition to speaking with company plant managers, our staff frequently connects with RV manufacturers and dealers from around the country. We talk to existing motorhome owners and our research team collects data from various RV organizations and other online resources. We edit all this information down and put it into layman terms in our easy-to-read publication.

With over 20+ years of research you can be confident that you’ll have the most relevant and useful information in your hands to purchase your next motorhome, new or used. You will learn how RV manufacturers compare to each in the areas of:

  • Overall Quality
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Factory support
  • Resale value
  • Fair Price

Each motorhome reviews includes information in these key areas:

Our Motorhome Comparison Guide includes a current factory article for each manufacturer with helpful and interesting facts and insight you won’t find anywhere else. Each article sheds insight about buyouts, impending or past bankruptcies, lawsuits and notable events and product changes. We also, feature popular selling models per manufacturer with honest reviews. Bottom line is this – you won’t find anything as comprehensive as our Motorhome Guide.

  • factory article for rv manufacturersCompany background and history
  • Principle target customer
  • List of best-selling models
  • Company’s main competitors
  • Average MSRP of best-selling motorhomes
  • Financial stability of company
  • Rating charts which show how each manufacturer is performing over multiple years. (These rating charts are very important and reveal if a particular manufacturer is trending, upward or downward in quality, customer satisfaction, factory support and overall resale value of models)
  • Objective comments from research staff

List of Motorhome Manufacturers Rated in Our Guide

Manufacturers Manufacturers Manufacturers
Air Stream Forest River Pacific Coast Works
Alfa-Leisure Glendale RV Palomino RV
Ameri-camp Grand Design Peterson Industries
Bigfoot Gulf Stream Pilgrim International
Carriage Inc Heartland RV Prime Time
Casita Highland Ridge Redwood RV
Chalet RV Holiday Rambler R-Vision
Cikira RV Jayco Inc Skyline Corp
Coachmen Keystone RV Starcraft RV
Crossroads RV Comfort RV Sunnybrook RV
Cruiser RV K-Z RV Teton Homes
DRV (Double Tree) Lance Campers Thor Industries
Dutchmen RV LifeStyle TrailManor
Dynamax Livin' Life Travel Lite
Earthbound New Horizons RV Travel Supreme
Eclipse RV Newmar Triple E RV
Escape Northwood Weekend Warrior
EverGreen RV NuWa Industries Western RV
Extreme Warrior Open Range RV Winnebago
Fleetwood RV Outdoors RV Yellowstone RV

Some of the manufacturers on the chart above are out of business but there are still used motorhomes being sold to customers that would like to know how they rated while in business.

Class B & B+ Motorhomes – A New Addition to our Guide

camping in a class b motorhomeWe now include Class B Motorhome reviews

In the past we did not rate Class B manufacturers in our guide, but we have received many emails requesting we feature this growing segment of RV products, and we are glad to announce this new addition.

With high gas prices and the cost factor of purchasing a Class A or Class C motorhome the popularity of Class B Motorhomes has continued to rise and many RV factories are producing more of these units to meet the growing demand.

Our RV research staff started researching this classification in 2009 and we now have more data on Class B manufacturers than any other single source in North America. We provide factory ratings for Class B & B+ starting from 2010. Class A and C manufacturer ratings are from 2006-2022.

With over 20 different Class B manufacturers rated we believe this addition is a great resource for anyone considering this increasingly popular segment. We remain committed to bringing our readers the most accurate and up-to-date ratings and feedback in the RV industry via our constant updates.

Buying a Motorhome with Confidence & Peace of Mind

There are so many motorhomes. Where do I begin?

If you have never attended a large RV show or visited a mega motorhome dealership you are in for a big surprise. The first thing you’ll notice right off is, “There are so many choices, where do I begin?” Did you know this is the number one reason why people put off buying a motorhome? They are overwhelmed with all the choices and become frustrated. Don’t let this happen to you!

class c Motorhome gas

The second biggest reason people decide not to buy an RV is that they don’t know who they can trust. It’s not uncommon to hear your RV salesperson say something like, “This manufacturer builds the best models“. After you have visited a number of dealers it’s like a listening to a broken record. Everybody thinks their motorhome brands are the best in the industry.

Our research for over 20 + years has found there are BIG differences in construction and overall quality. Our guide will show you which companies are consistently producing the best models as well as giving you a head’s up about potential problem years. If you’re going to spend tens of thousands of dollars for an RV it makes sense to educate yourself about the industry.

Motorhome Comparison Guide

Rating Class A, C, C+, B & B+ from model years 2008-2022

This offer includes the newly updated (January, 2022) Motorhome Comparison Guide, the industry’s most trusted RV buying resource for more than twenty years.

We have no ties or obligations to any RV manufacturer, dealer or industry group and accept no kickbacks, monies or any other financial consideration that may affect our ratings.

E-Book orders will receive instructions to access and download your E-Book once your order has been completed.

All printed book orders are shipped priority mail for FREE in U.S. Please allow 3-4 days for delivery.

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This special offer includes our best-selling Motorhome Guide and three popular Bonus Offers (E-books). Each bonus offer is full of hard hitting facts you won’t find anywhere else online:

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ultimate-motorhome-comparison-guide-package-ebookWith our Ultimate Motorhome Package, you will receive our Motorhome Comparison Guide, the 3 Bonus Offer e-books and 3 individual RV model reports:

Top-100 RV Dealers

Extended RV Warranty Guide

How To Buy An RV And Save Thousands

Three Individual RV Model Reports with no expiration date!

Once you have narrowed your search down to a few models you can request your individual RV model reports which provides in-depth ratings, reviews, quality of construction and dealer costs, along with wholesale values if purchasing used.


Each 8 to 10-page RV report starts out with a Factory Article about the manufacturer that builds the model you’re considering. Article is based on our interviews with each manufacturer over the last 20+ years, giving our customers some additional insight into the manufacturer and direction the company is heading. Each factory article contains:

  • Company history
  • Principle target customer
  • List of best-selling model
  • Company’s main competitors
  • Comments by research staff

RV Factory Article reviews and ratings


In this section of the report we focus on intended use. There are four main categories most RV models will fall into. They are: Weekend, Vacationer, Snowbird and Full-Time use.

Based on the standard options, overall quality, and data collected from various RV sources, we can accurately determine the overall intended use of a particular model.

If your intention is to use your RV to head south for the winter and spend 3-6 months a year in your unit, you will probably be dissatisfied with a poorly constructed model or a model that was intended for moderate use only.

rv model intended use


The manner in which a particular RV model performs in the areas of: Quality of Construction, Reliability, Payload, Drivability (motorhome only), Customer Satisfaction, Style & Resale Value will ultimately determine the overall satisfaction level of the unit.

When rating a particular model, our staff has spoken with RV owners, dealers and we attend various RV shows on a regular basis. We also receive feedback from people that have bought our reports in the past. All this information is collected and stored in our data base which allows us to accurately rate models based on 20+ years of research.

rv model comprehensive rating chart


This cart shows how a particular RV model depreciates over time and the RV dealer’s invoice for a new model or the true wholesale value for a used model. This information will help you decide if the model you’re looking at is a good investment and how a particular model will perform over time in regards to resale value. Having the dealer’s invoice or true wholesale value is very important and puts you in the driver’s seat when it is time to negotiate a price. This data has helped thousands of our customers over the years and we receive positive emails on a regular basis thanking us for this info. Each report also includes a STAR RATING showing what that particular RV model received based on the data collected in the Comprehensive Rating Chart. A Five Star Rating is the highest rating an RV model can receive.

rv model retail values

The Ultimate Motorhome Package

Motorhome Reviews Guide + Bonus Offers + 3 RV Model Rating Reports

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Which Book do I start with?

The Ultimate Package can seem a bit intimidating at first. It includes everything you need to research, inspect, negotiate, and find a discounted extended warranty. We recommend reviewing the Motorhome Comparison Guide first to learn which RV manufacturers meet your needs. You’ll also find the manufacturers you want to avoid.

1.) The Motorhome Comparison Guide

Remember, the Motorhome Comparison Guide is a reference book and you don’t have to read it from beginning to end. Feel free to flip through it and read the parts relevant to you. For your convenience, the manufacturers are listed alphabetically. See a good looking Newmar motorhome at your local RV dealership? Just flip to the Newmar article and you’ll be up to speed in minutes.

Additionally, you’ll quickly learn how to identify a well built motorhome with our easy-to-read chapters on modern construction techniques and materials. Keep in mind, our books are not written in a boring textbook manner. They explain the info you need in a simple and easily digestible style. (Many of our readers have found the construction and materials chapters to be the most interesting parts of the book.)

2.) The Bonus Offer e-books

Once you have selected 2 or 3 manufacturers based on our factory reviews, it’s time to read How to Buy an RV & Save. This is a quick read but it’s loaded with lots of negotiating tips that will prepare you for your negotiation with your RV dealer.

Now it’s time for the Top 100 RV Dealers Guide. Obviously, with almost 3,000 RV dealers in the U.S., there’s many reputable RV dealers not mentioned here. Understanding this, we’ve updated the Top 100 guide with a renewed focus on how to determine which of your local RV dealers have proven their integrity and devotion to customer satisfaction. We’ll show you how to find customer feedback and what it means.

Visiting your RV dealer. (This is where the fun really begins!)

Now that you’re up to speed on what to look for and which questions to ask, let’s go look at some motorhomes! Take your time. Ask questions. Is the mattress something you can work with? Can you fit comfortably in the shower/bath? (No joke. Many motorhome bathrooms are astonishingly tiny.) Do you like the decor? Ask more questions.

Requesting an RV Report

After you’ve used your new knowledge to inspect like a seasoned pro, and shown your salesperson that you know what you’re doing, it’s time to submit your RV Report Requests to us. We’ll assemble a report based on your make, model and year and e-mail it back for your review. We’ll provide a brief overview of the RV and provide a rating (5 star rating system) based on current owner feedback. Even better, we’ll provide a pricing chart that will give you a fair discount price to use in your negotiations.

How to access your Motorhome Reviews Ultimate Package

If you order the E-book version of the Ultimate Motorhome Package you’ll receive an e-mail with DOWNLOAD links for each book. This e-mail will arrive within 60 seconds of placing your order. Don’t see it? Check your spam folder. All printed book orders will include a User Name and password to access RV Report Request Form and Bonus Offers when book arrives via USPS priority Mail.

To request your RV Report you will need to fill out a simple form on our website, supplying make, model, and model. Once we receive your information we will research and write your report using our database of thousands of feedback reports from existing owners and send your RV report(s) direct to your email address. Each report is 8-10 pages in length and includes detailed ratings, manufacturer info, usage charts, wholesale and retail values, known issues (if applicable) and how much you should be paying for a good deal. All reports are sent in standard pdf format and open easily with any computer.

Should I Purchase a Towable RV or a Motorhome?

rv combo book order for motorhomes and travel trailersNothing beats vacationing in an RV. Whether you’re in a motorhome or travel trailer, it’s an experience like no other. However, you may not know what type of RV his best for you.

In fact, in 2020 and 2021 we saw more people than ever purchasing RVs. Even today the RV industry is experiencing better than expected sales. The baby boomers are retiring in large numbers and many others just want to travel. However, most RV buyers end up with the wrong RV for their needs. Even worse, most admit they paid too much.

Amongst the RV camping community, one debate has always remained front-and-center. When purchasing an RV, which type is best? Should I buy a towable or motorhome? If you are not sure which type of RV is best suited for your travel needs our RV Combo Package is for you!


consumers at an rv showWe recommend reading our Motorhome Comparison Guide first to learn which RV manufacturers produce top-quality models, year in and year out.

Once you have a solid understanding about the motorhome industry and construction methods, we recommend reading our Top 100 RV Dealer Guide. This won’t take long and with our valuable insights you’ll be able to choose the right RV dealer. Choosing a reputable dealer is critical because many complaints focus on the dealer as much as the motorhome. Additionally, a good RV dealer will fight on your behalf when it comes to warranty issue.

Now you’re ready to visit some RV dealers or shop for a used RV. Once you’ve narrowed your search to a particular model or two, please take some time to read How To Buy An RV & Save. First, you’ll discover proven money saving tips used by thousands of previous readers. More importantly, you’ll also learn how to negotiate a great price.

How to inspect your own RV -BEFORE you pay

The high demand for RVs in the last couple years have caused manufacturers to build as fast as they could. Quality control and fit-and-finish have been hit hard. Luckily, our Pre-Purchase Inspection Guide will give you the tools you need to make sure that your new or used motorhome is ready to hit the road. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars for an independent RV inspection. Our PPI is written in an easy-to-read and easy-to-follow style, and walks you through your inspection, step by step. In addition, you’ll learn how to have defects fixed quickly and for free BEFORE leaving the dealership. Also, great resource for those purchasing an RV from a private party.

You can still save money after you buy an RV.

If you’re purchasing a new or used motorhome from a dealer, the RV Extended Warranty Guide will help you learn about the world of extended warranties. Additionally, we’ll show you how to shop for a policy that meets your needs and budget. Understanding your extended warranty options can save you thousands of dollars. Think we’re kidding? Multiple states have now passed legislation limiting RV dealers to no more than 100% profit on their extended warranty packages. Our Guide will show you how to buy a better policy at a wholesale price.

Lastly, with the Ultimate Package you can request up to 3 RV Reports. These reports clarify which model is the best when it comes to quality, resale value, customer satisfaction and factory support. Plus, we include detailed wholesale values that will give you an edge when negotiating with your dealer or private party.



RV salesperson trying to sell you an rvYou’ll quickly realize that everybody says their motorhome is the best. How is that possible? It’s not. Happily, that’s where we come in.

Remember, we are an independent research company. accepts no monies or kickbacks to promote one manufacturer over another. Ever. Also, our motorhome reviews are compiled in-house by our staff. We take pride in our fair and honest reviews. In fact, we never include the fluff and hype that you find with most online reviews today. Keep in mind, real independent reviews aren’t interested in selling you a motorhome. Therefore, their only goal is to tell you if it is a quality coach or not.

More than 90% of our readers feel our books saved them at least $1,000.

Our best-selling motorhome reviews clearly show you which motorhomes rate the highest with owners. Importantly, we also reveal the manufacturers with the worst ratings. Poorly built motorhomes are all too common in the RV industry. Therefore, the buying experience is often followed by headaches, frustration and costly expenses. Even worse, low quality motorhomes have poor resale values, adding insult to injury. Without a doubt, reading our guides now can save you from both paying too much and/or getting stuck with a lemon.


figuring out a fair rv budgetAhhh, at last we get to the elephant in the room. How much is this going to cost you? For example, is a 20% discount a good deal or a bad deal? Additionally, is the sale price at an RV show better than an everyday sale price? Does your dealer have your best interest in mind? Or are they taking advantage of you? Last but not least, what is your budget?

For a moment let’s forget features, sales prices and motorhome reviews. First, decide what you want to spend. Don’t get bogged down with features or floorplans at this point. In other words, establish a budget. A vacation won’t be very relaxing in your new motorhome, if it cost more than you can comfortably afford. Consequently, our motorhome reviews will help you buy with confidence. Most importantly, you’ll buy the right RV the first time.

Stick to your comfort zone

To start with, choose your budget first and stick to it. You’ll thank yourself later. Regardless of your budget, you’ll still have plenty of options. For instance, in the Motorhome Comparison Guide we use three categories to help you compare apples to apples. As a result, you’ll learn which category each motorhome is in -and why. Entry Level, Above Average and Premium motorhomes are rated according to price and build quality.

Once you understand which category you fall into, we’ll help you avoid the bad apples. Our guide has helped many people understand what type of buyer they are. This helps our readers focus on what they can afford. First, when you know your budget, it makes for a simpler buying experience. Secondly, don’t worry if your budget limits you to the Entry Level category. There are MANY excellent entry-level motorhomes. In fact, the Entry-Level category has the widest selection. Lastly, remember that buying an RV should be fun. Our guide will walk you through the whole process.

Order with confidence. Our motorhome reviews come with a money back guarantee!

RV Author Randall EatonFor more than 20 years we’ve helped thousands of RV buyers find the best RV for them at the best price. Our reputation has been built one customer at a time and their feedback has helped us improve our books with each new addition. Consequently, many of our buying tips and suggestions have been proven over time by our own readers. As a result, we’re confident that what has worked for them will work for you. We have an A+ rating through the BBB and we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. In fact, If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the item for a full refund within 30-days. This includes printed books & E-books. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Best Regards,

Author Randall Eaton


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