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My Journey in My Journey

Traveling in a diesel motorhome – luxury on wheels.

I was so excited.  I was taking the plunge, buying a diesel motorhome that would tow my small car.  It was a big purchase.  I have to admit, along with being thrilled, I had a bad case of the jitters as well.

I figured indulging in an RV was the best way to enjoy the rewards of all the hard work I had put into my business over the course of my forty-three years.  My business was doing well but I was seeing signs of big time stress in my own life.  So…I set about to make deal.  Easier said than done until I found the best RV review site ever that rated motorhome manufacturers.

With all the helpful and unbiased reviews and excellent information on the site, I decided to get a Winnebago Journey- “The Quintessential Diesel”.  It was gently used so I got an incredible bargain.  Thanks to the reviews I read, I knew just what to look for to be sure I was getting a good deal and not a lemon.

The Maxum Chassis on this RV is highly acclaimed and makes it very well equipped for towing.  It is quite spacious and loaded with storage space. It has a four wall side out which is very accommodating.  My wife loves the glazed-finished wood and my tweens can’t get enough of the JBL 11-speaker sound system.  I like that it is roomy enough to take along clients and business partners and their families.

rv-reviews-lake-winnebagoThe first trip we took was, ironically, to Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin.  Not only is it the namesake for my new RV (as far as I’m concerned, at least), it’s a fantastic lake for walleye fishing, hiking the trails and exploring.  We were also able to go into Oshkosh. The lake and surrounding area is fabulous.   The town is loaded with shops and fun family things to do.

I must say that I was in awe of how the Journey pulled my Subaru with ease and precision.  I could hardly tell it was behind us.  I was dead-set on getting an RV that would enable us to take the car along because between with a family of five, there are always places we want to go in town that are not practical to take an RV.

This coming summer, we are going to take an even longer trip.  We live in South Dakota and will be traveling to Padre Island in Texas where a business client lives.  He is looking into buying his own RV after hearing me rave about mine.  Who knows, maybe we’ll meet up on the beach with our families and RVs.