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Pre-Purchase Checklist RV Inspection


Have you already done your research and compared the seemingly-endless RV models? If so, you’ve probably narrowed your search down to a few key candidates. Now comes the fun part: inspecting your prospective RV in person. But what exactly are you supposed to look for?

Not to worry, the editors at have written the RV Inspection Checklist so anyone can perform their own PPI. With a few basic tools and the PPI, you’ll be able to focus on known problem areas and determine if the RV in question is ready to hit the road.

RV Pre Purchase Checklist

Why do you need an RV Inspection Checklist?

save money with our pre purchase inspection guideWould you buy a house with an inspection? Of course not. Many of today’s RV cost as much or more as a house. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars for an independent RV inspection. Our RV Review Checklist is written in an easy-to-read and easy-to-follow style, and walks you through your inspection, step by step. In addition, you’ll learn how to have defects fixed quickly and for free BEFORE leaving the dealership. Also, great resource for those purchasing an RV from a private party.

Don’t assume that all systems are good to go just because you’re looking at a new RV. Fit and finish issues and sloppy plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems are common in the industry. Learn how to quickly identify the most common problems or defects in any RV. More importantly, we’ll explain which issues should be considered a deal breaker, and when to walk away.

Additionally, our PPI will not only show you how to check all systems, but will also educate you about your motorhome or travel trailer. The checklist format of our guide is an instructional version of the same checklist used by RV inspectors every day with lots of helpful tips we’ve learned after 20 years in the RV review business. Our bumper-to-bumper guide will give you the peace of mind needed to take your first trip with confidence.

Why would you need an RV Inspection Checklist if you’re buying a new RV?

We understand your new RV comes with a factory warranty. If there’s defective systems or sloppy fit and finish you can have it fixed for free by the dealer, right? That’s true, but how are you going to feel when your dealer tells you it will take them 3 weeks to fix your RV under warranty? Even if you have an Extended RV Warranty, you’ll still be waiting weeks or months for service. The PPI was written by the editors at and combines loads of useful feedback we’ve received from our readers over the years. Far superior than the typical 3-5 page checklists used by professional inspectors, our Ultimate PPI Guide is 22 pages and covers every aspect of the new or used RV -as well as complete explanation for each step. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a “professional” inspection. With our Ultimate PPI you become the inspector.

  • Learn what simple tools and items to take with you to your inspection.
  • Know typical problem areas (even on new units) that need special attention.
  • Identify hidden issues before you buy. Further, get the best service ever from your dealer.
  • More importantly, know when to walk away with our clearly identified “Zero-Tolerance” items.
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RV Pre Purchase Checklist

The RV Inspection Checklist can help you compare one RV to another.

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