Pre-Purchase Checklist

2017 PPI Cover
Getting ready to purchase an RV?  Have you already researched and found the perfect Motorhome or Travel Trailer for you -or are you getting close?  Then you need The Ultimate Pre-Purchase Inspection Guide by the Editors at 

Don’t spend hundreds of dollars for an independent inspection. Our authoritative E-Book, written in an easy to read and easy to follow style can be used by anyone and will enable you to confirm for yourself that your RV is road-ready and problem free before leaving the dealership. Just because your unit is brand new, never assume that all systems are go. We point out several almost-guaranteed-to-fail items that should be addressed onsite at no charge by your dealer. Our guide will not only show you how to check all systems but will also educate you about your motorhome or travel trailer. The checklist format of our guide is an instructional version of the same checklist used by RV inspectors every day with lots of helpful tips we’ve learned after ten years in the RV Review business. Our bumper-to-bumper guide will give you the peace of mind needed to take your first trip with confidence.  Much better than the industry-standard 3-5 page checklists used every day by professional inspectors, our Ultimate PPI Guide is a full 22 pages and covers every aspect of the new or used RV. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a “professional” inspection. With our Ultimate Guide you become the inspector.

  • Learn what simple tools and items to take with you to your inspection.
  • Know common problem areas (even on new units) that need special attention.
  • Identify hidden issues before you buy and get the best service ever from your dealer.
  • Know when to walk away with our clearly identified “Zero-Tolerance” items. 
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