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If you are not sure which type of RV model is right for you and you’re considering either a motorhome, fifth wheel or travel trailer our RV Combo Package is for you.

Trying to select the right model for your travel needs can be confusing and some buyers are debating between a motorhome or fifth wheel. If this describes you – we now offer both of our best-selling books at a great price.

In addition, both books will answer your questions on which RV manufacturers build the best quality products, provide superior factory support and customer satisfaction.

Both books combined rate over 100 different RV manufacturers in North America!

Special Note: If you don’t what to order both books together you can order each book separately.

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Rating Manufacturers from 2006-2020

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RV Combo Package E-Books
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RV Combo Package Printed
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Add 3 Bonus Offers to Your Order at A Discounted Price!


Bonus Offer #1:

How to Purchase an RV and Save Thousands

It is a fact that at least 80% of RV buyers pay too much for their RV. Learn how to determine your RV dealer’s invoice or true wholesale values for any used RV. You will also learn what – is a fair profit margin and how to submit an offer that achieves amazing results. This 12-page E-book is loaded with valuable money saving tips that will save you thousands of dollars when you’re ready to buy a new or used RV.

A $19.95 value.

top 100 RV Dealers

Bonus Offer #2:

Top-100 RV Dealers in U.S.

The best way to ensure a problem-free purchase is to research a RV dealers’ reputation before making a purchase. We have put together this amazing 14-page E-book lists 100 of the best RV dealers in the country. In addition to learning which dealers deserve your business we have also included some valuable tips on how to select a reliable RV dealer.

A $15.95 value.


Bonus Offer #3:

RV Extended Warranties – How to Select the Best Warranty & Save

Newly Updated! RV extended warranties are a great way to protect your RV investment. Did you know that many buyers pay 30% to 50% more than they should for this protection? Don’t let this happen to you! This valuable 35-page E-book will explain the pros and cons of extended warranty policies and how to secure the best warranty at the cheapest price.

A $14.95 value.

Combo Order + Bonus Offers

Rating Manufacturers from 2006-2020

This package has been discounted over $84.00

Bonus Offers are supplemental resources E-books that contain important buying tips that will save you thousands when it’s time to buy!

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Combo Order + Bonus Offers E-Books
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