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RV Extended Warranties

Don’t End Up Paying More than You Should for an RV Warranty

When considering an extended RV warranty the obvious goal is to find the best coverage for the least amount of money. And yet, most RV buyers purchase an extended warranty from their RV dealer as part of their RV purchase.

Unfortunately, this can prove to be an extremely expensive convenience. RV dealers are merely the middleman, and the middleman always adds a surcharge for his service. They purchase extended warranty policies from an insurance wholesaler (basically an insurance agent that offers them extended RV warranty packages for re-sale), and then add a mark-up for their troubles.

Unfortunately, our research shows that, RV dealers don’t provide the best policy or seek out the most reputable warranty providers, and they also put a HUGE amount of profit on the policies they do offer -frequently in the 40%-60% profit range, but often going much higher.

Did you know that numerous states have now passed laws limiting RV dealerships to no more than 100% mark-up on Extended Warranties?

  • Do You Need an RV Extended Warranty?
  • The Truth about Extended Warranties.
  • Understand How Claims are Paid Out.
  • Additional Options and Surcharges..
  • How to Shop for the Best Policy.
  • A Proven Five-Step Approach for Selecting the Right Warranty Company.
  • Our Top Picks (A List of the Best Warranty Companies).

RV Extended Warranties (Newly revised and updated)

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