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RV Factory Ratings

RV Factory ratings: WHY THEY MATTER

Everything begins at the factory. Any RV you look at was designed, built, inspected –hopefully– and shipped from the factory. Build quality begins and ends at the factory. Therefore, any fit and finish issues, breakdowns, leaking plumbing, windows or roofs can be traced directly back to the factory. With this in mind, ask yourself how much you know about the company that built the RV you’re looking at. If you’re a typical RV buyer, you probably don’t know much. If you’ve read our books, you know a lot. With more than 20 years reviewing RVs (and the companies that build them), we know more about today’s RV factories than anyone in the industry.
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First, the bad news…

It pains us to say this, but today’s RV factories are mostly building and selling vastly overpriced junk. Seriously. In fact, if we said that 7 out of of 10 RVs on the market aren’t worth the money, we’d be underestimating the reality. The RV industry is lightly regulated, which means there’s not a lot of rules or incentives for builders to supply high quality and roadworthy RVs for a fair price. Today’s RV industry is more like the Wild West. Almost anything goes and making money is the only thing that matters. Obviously, comments like these have never made us very popular with the RV factories and their dealers.

Over the years we’ve turned down numerous offers to write glowing reviews for certain RVs in exchange for a fat commission. The fact that we could make a lot more money writing fake RV reviews instead of legitimate RV reviews is a perfect example of the lack of integrity in today’s RV industry. But was founded BECAUSE there wasn’t an independent RV Review company willing to share the sort of information the RV buying public deserved to know. The world didn’t need another fake-news/ fake reviews company misleading the public. Our original goal to help the typical RV buyer learn how to find a quality RV at the best price. And we’ve never regretted the decision. If anything, we’ve become more determined to educate today’s buying public about the companies they should avoid at all costs.

And now for the good news…

If you’ve done any research on RVs, you know by now there’s no shortage of fake RV reviews online. But fake RV reviews don’t help the buyer, they help the factory building crummy RVs and they help their dealers sell those crummy RVs. Our books and buying guides are written in an easy-to-read style that will have you shopping like a pro in no time. Additionally, our reference charts will help you rate one manufacturer against another. Simply put, if we like an RV, we’ll tell you. Even better, we’ll tell you why. And you don’t have to take our word for it. The bulk of our data comes from actual RV owners. We compile feedback reports for almost every RV on the market and put it together in a format you can use quickly and easily.

Lots of data can get really boring, real quick. Not to worry. Our buying guides and books are quick to read and easy to understand. We write the sort of books we’d want to read. First, we cover all the RV construction stuff you’ll need to know. (While this may sound as dull as dust, many readers tell us that these chapters ended up being the most interesting parts of the books.)

After that we dig in to the RV manufacturers themselves -all listed in alphabetical order. If you’re looking at an Airstream, a Grand Design, or a Keystone RV, just flip to their article and within five minutes you’ll know the good, the bad and the ugly. In fact, within minutes you’ll know more about the company than the salesperson helping you. (Nothing makes a salesperson more nervous than a customer that knows more about his RV than he does. Our readers love that part.)

So where do you start?

Simply put, in the RV world there’s two camps: Travel Trailers and Motorhomes. Each camp has various versions. Travel trailers also include fifth-wheels, toy haulers, lightweights and pop-ups. Motorhomes are broken down by size (Class A, B, and C). But don’t worry about any of that right now. If you’re not sure if you want a towable (travel trailer) or a motorhome, then the perfect starting point would be our Combo Package. This will give you both The Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel Comparison Guide, as well as the Motorhome Comparison Guide. After reading the pros and cons of each, you’ll know which is the best choice for you. The Bonus Offer e-books that come with the Combo Package are relevant for all RVs.

For those of you that have already picked your style of RV (travel trailer or motorhome), you can proceed directly to the Bonus Offer Package that meets your needs. For those looking for a towable, the Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel Bonus Offer Package will give you everything you need to find the best RV for you. For the Motorhome gang, there’s the Motorhome Bonus Offer Package.