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RV Reviews: Labor Day Sale starts today

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We’ve been getting some complaints lately from some unhappy readers who opted for a finish protectant package from their RV dealer. Understanding everyone is chomping at the bit to kick off their holiday weekend, I’ll be brief.

Apparently, more and more dealers are pushing a “special finish protectant” as an add-on option and implying the new owner really needs it to protect their new RV from sun fade and other weather related degradation. Dealers are implying if the new owner doesn’t pony up for this not-inexpensive spray-on coating, their new RV will look like something left over from the dust bowl era after a few short years.

•Almost every manufacturer we know of today is using paints that are considerably more durable than those available just a few years ago. Advances have been impressive not just in the paint itself, but also in the clear coat finish that often seals the deal. Meaning? An aftermarket protectant is unnecessary.

•Every new RV should have a clearly worded warranty covering paint and finish. RV manufacturers only offer warranties that they are confident they won’t be called upon to honor. If they clearly cover the finish, they clearly believe in its integrity.

•We’re starting to hear that the application of the dealer supplied protectant in many cases voids the RV manufacturers’ warranty. Most RV owners didn’t realize that spraying some sort of aftermarket “protectant” goop on to their new camper or motorhome would give the manufacturer a perfectly good excuse to wash their hands for any subsequent finish issues.

•The biggest complaint we’ve heard is that RV dealers don’t make it clear that the protectant finish must be re-applied at scheduled intervals (every year or two usually). To add insult to injury, the re-sprays are often expensive -meaning an ongoing and usually unanticipated expense.  Not to mention the inconvenience of delivering your RV to the dealer for a re-spray.

In a nutshell, avoid the aftermarket paint protectant. It’s a waste of money and you don’t need it. On top of that you may be voiding your more-than-adequate factory warranty.

Now wasn’t that quick and painless? Have a great weekend everyone and don’t forget to check those tire pressures before hitting the road. Not only will you be safer on the road but you’ll enjoy better gas mileage.

Happy Travels,

The Team