Class A Motorhomes

Class A Motorhomes the Most Luxurious RVs

clsss a gas motorhomeSo you’re looking at an recreational vehicle and trying to decide if you want a Class A or Class C, gas or diesel? What kind of traveling are you going to be doing? Is this a one-time purchase or will you be stepping up to a larger motorhome in the future? This article is full of helpful information about Class A Motorhomes.

To start, what is a Class A motorhome? It looks similar to a bus and they have a large windshield that wraps around the front of the motorhome for better visibility. They also sit above the street level and come in sizes that range from 26 feet to 45 feet. Their weight is between 20,000 – 50,000 pounds and the chassis is constructed on semi-custom or custom chassis.

Class A motorhomes are great for folks who want to travel for long distances and have room to roam about while traveling. Theses motorhomes can come in gas or diesel but the more luxurious ones usually are diesel for extra towing ability for that extra car to take with you while traveling. Generally speaking, Class A motorhomes handle better compared to most Class C motorhomes.

There is every luxury imaginable in these motorhomes. Some have granite countertops and heated marble flooring as well as leather furniture. Full bathrooms, large residential type refrigerator, and even washer and dryer are what make up a Class A. Many have automatic slide outs to add more room and central vacuums for added comfort. You can also equip your motorhome with solar panels, satellite TV, internet and surround sound.

Class A motorhomes are designed with full time living in mind. These RVs can be as low as are $75,000 and go up into the millions depending on the type of coach you are looking at. The term coach and Class A motorhome and diesel pusher all mean the same type of RV just depends on style and type of luxury you are wanting. Many have basements as an added feature to increase storage space. Most Class A motorhomes can sleep up to six people but many full-timers purchase a floorplan for sleeping only four. The driver’s seat usually sits up high and can have a rear camera for better visibility while backing up.

Class A mmotorhomebuyers123otorhomes cost more to operate because of the fuel consumption and unless you tow a car you have to drive it anywhere you want to go to once you have gotten to your destination. You don’t want to always be putting up the awning or closing the slides just to go to the store for supplies. It also can be very large to maneuver so take that into consideration as well and can’t go into smaller recreational areas around the country. That being said there are many retirees that love their Class A motorhome because it has many comforts of home and they can eat, sleep, and wash their clothes all within the comfort of their coach.

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