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Class B Motorhomes

Class B Motorhomes – A Growing Segment in the RV Industry

Conversion vans that are custom made to include RV amenities like a kitchen and bathroom are considered Class B Motorhomes. They are bigger than a typical conversion van with the roof being raised to offer more headroom. Class B’s are built on a van chassis that is manufactured by; Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, Dodge or Sprinter. They are more aerodynamic and many are extremely luxurious inside.

Like the Class A the Class B living area is accessible while driving. There is a small lavatory and eating and cooking facilities. They have 120-volt hookup, and freshwater storage. Some may be equipped with stereo and built in Televisions. While small, they are adequate for one or two people and provide a home away from home while traveling.

Class B motorhomes range in length from 16 to 21 feet and are very easy to maneuver, much like a truck or large SUV. By making use of advanced technology, using space more effectively and increased gas prices these motorhomes are on the rise for consumer popularity.

They have adequate headroom for moving around inside and are only around 8 feet in outside height. These motorhomes rate very well for safety and come with rollover protection and airbags for the driver and passenger. With this feature a Class B motorhome is a great choice to be used as a second car for consumers.

They are best designed for weekend trips or short extended trips to your favorite travel destinations. This would not be suitable for snowbird use or full time use as space and long term storage could be a problem.

Class B Motorhome Ratings

Class B motorhomes have either a powerful gasoline or diesel engine and can tow a small boat. Some Class Bs are equipped with four wheel drive and can go off-road for those extreme type travelers who like to really get away from it all. Many are now made with some basement storage so that is an added plus as well.

The use of light-weight materials and better fuel efficiency makes this motorhome a bit more expensive compared to a Class B+ Motorhome.