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Class B Plus Motorhomes

What is a Class B Plus Motorhome?

A number of motorhome manufacturers classify their models as Class Cs when they should be classified as a Class B+. What distinguishes a Class B + from a Class C is the length, which is usually 30 feet or less and provides NO sleeping area above the cab. Instead of a sleeping area above the cab the space is designed for extra storage with a built in T.V. for entertainment. Generally speaking a Class B + is more aerodynamic and offers better gas mileage. On average a Class B plus motorhome can accommodate up to 4 people comfortably.

A typical Class C motorhome is larger than 30 feet, has a sleeping area above the cab, weighs more and can accommodate up to 6-8 people. The chassis on a Class B+ or Class C is generally the same but a Class B+ motorhome is built smaller and more aerodynamic usually with single fiberglass shell construction.

Consumers that are thinking about a Class B + motorhome are interested in fuel economy and don’t need the extra sleeping area above the cab. In general – consumers considering a Class B + is either a single buyer or couple looking for the comforts of a Class C without all the extra features. Class B plus motorhomes are smaller and easier to maneuver and RV owners are able to visit remote camping destinations without worrying about navigating around tight spots.

Many baby boomers are more inclined to look at a Class B plus motorhome because of fuel economy. This segment of the RV industry has grown in recent years and is becoming a popular choice with retirees because it is larger than a Class B motorhome but not as large as a Class C. While there are many in the industry that don’t agree on the classifications or use it as a marketing tool, this smaller motorhome has become a hot topic for consumers. Generally speaking a Class B+ may cost more than its counterpart Class C because they are built using light-weight materials and designed for fuel efficiency.

Class B Plus Motorhomes

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