Fifth Wheels

Fifth Wheels Provide the Most Living Space in A Trailer Design

fifth wheelFifth Wheels have similar amenities to a large travel trailer but there is an extension on the front of the trailer. This extension looks like it sits on top of the tow vehicle but in reality it is connected by a special hitch arrangement and a receiver that is mounted in the tow vehicle. Most generally a fifth wheel is towed by a full size truck because of its size and weight. There average weight is around 7,500 lbs. to 22,000 lbs. For larger fifth wheels you may need a dual rear wheel pickup truck or a special conversion of a medium-duty truck.

The extension on the front serves either as a bedroom or living room depending on the floor plan of the fifth wheel. Slide-outs are a common feature in a fifth wheel for additional living space. They come equipped with a kitchen, living room, bathroom, shower and even entertainment areas. Generally speaking the bathroom in a fifth wheel is considerably larger than the travel trailer and in some larger models a built in washer/dryer is included. Many retirees use a fifth wheel for full time living because of the space, extra vehicle advantage, and quality in the unit.

5th Wheel Interior Floor PlanHowever the industry is manufacturing smaller and lighter weight fifth wheels in response to increasing gas prices. These will be constructed with composite type materials which results in better fuel efficiency. The overall living space will be smaller and less luxurious but the trade-off is worth it for some consumers.

Those planning on using their recreational vehicle full time will have to decide if a fifth wheel is the best option, compared to owning a motorhome. There are pros and cons with both types of RVs and it really comes down to person preference. Some people like the fact they can move around inside their motorhome while traveling and others look at fuel efficiency and having a vehicle when they arrive at their destination. Either way the product you purchase needs to be built with quality construction.

How do fifth wheel manufacturers compare to one another? How do they rate in customer service? Questions like these and many others are answered in our best-selling guide.

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