Toy Haulers

Toy Haulers Are a Great Addition to the RV Industry

toy haulerToy Haulers are a great RV for those with toys such as ATVs, dirt bikes or even a golf cart. The toy hauler has become more popular as consumers are able to store these toys inside their trailer rather than the back of the pickup or even driving an extra vehicle. Toy haulers come in standard travel trailers as well as fifth wheel trailers. They are basically a garage portion that is built into the trailer. Some trailers have a separate closed off area that houses your toys while others have the “garage” area in the back part with special flooring and the living area in the same space. Many have beds that fold up to the ceiling or couches that fold up to the sides while traveling and hauling your ATVs then once at the campsite the ATVs go outside and the beds fold down for sleeping. Most have a large garage type door that folds all the way down for a ramp to exit the trailer with the ATV.

With the added weight of the motorized toys be sure to take into consideration the GVWR, (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of the unit you’re interested in and make sure your tow vehicle is equipped to handle hauling trailer when loaded. Many forget about the extra weight with their toys loaded, water tanks, and supplies.

Toy Haulers will usually have a full bathroom, fridge, stove top and sink and will sleep 2 – 6 maybe more depending on the size. They can be a basic camping trailer with a garage or a luxurious fifth wheel with a garage.

The more luxurious fifth wheel can have the garage closed off from the living space and will most generally have one or more slide-outs. By having the garage separate from the living area you keep all the smells of gasoline and motor oil contained in the garage and all the dirty riding gear as well. Some of the more basic toy hauler trailers are just the ticket for a family starting out that would rather sleep in a inclosed trailer than in a tent. It all depends on what you want to spend for your camping experience. Toy hauler trailers range in price from $16,000 up to $155,000 with many extra options. If you are a family with toys there is sure to be a model just right for you.

Purchasing a Toy Hauler is a big investment and our Travel Trailer Comparison guide will help you in your search for the manufacturer that builds quality trailers and have good customer service.

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