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Ultra Lite Travel Trailer Reviews

Ultra Lite Travel Trailers are Hot, Hot, Hot!

Ultra Lite Travel Trailers have become increasingly more in demand for those who already own a small SUV and want to go camping. They don’t have to purchase another vehicle to tow their trailer and they get good gas mileage. Some of these trailers can even be towed by a large family car. The maximum GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings) for an ultra-lite trailer should be no more than 3,500 lbs. and there are many that are just 1,700 lbs -or less. Be sure to take into consideration the weight when it is loaded with all your stuff. They come in sizes from 10 ft. to 21 ft. and can cost anywhere from $3,500.00 on up. Some are made with “green” materials and the cost can escalate for this type of product but it is made environmentally friendly and for some this is a plus.

Hybrid-TrailerUltra Lite Travel Trailers are typically manufactured with aluminum frames or fiberglass shell molded for best aerodynamics for wind resistance reduction. The use of light weight components help with the fuel economy as well. While these trailers are better for fuel economy they are not intended for full time use. They can sleep 2 – 6 people most generally and are designed for weekend use. Ultra Lites can have a small bathroom as well as kitchen but most sleeping areas are couches or dinettes that fold into a bed and no separate bedroom. Some are called Hybrids because they have a fold out tent for a sleeping area leaving more living space inside the main area.

While some larger companies have come on board to manufacture these ultra lite trailers there are quite a few smaller companies that specialize in making the best ultra lite trailer out there. To find out more check out our Lite Travel Trailer Reviews which will give you concise information about RV manufacturers that build Ultra lite travel trailers. Our reviews are unbiased and we are not affiliated with any manufacturers.

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