RV Extended Warranties

Don’t End Up Paying More than You Should for this Important Service

When considering an extended RV warranty, the key is to find the best coverage possible for the least amount. I know, this is an obvious statement but did you know that RV buyers pay on average 40% to 60% more for an extended warranty when purchased from an RV dealer? 60% – that is a lot of money down the drain, which could have been used for a well deserved vacation, fuel costs or additional RV options.

Most RV buyers are so focused on getting the best deal possible they tend to forget about RV extended warranties, financing options and other costs associated with purchasing an RV, new or used. What most RV buyers don’t know is that while they may have been successful in negotiating an AMAZING DEAL on the RV itself, their salesperson is getting ready for round two: aftermarket options and services. NOT SO TRIVIAL TRIVIA: Did you know that numerous states have now passed laws limiting RV dealerships to no more than 100% mark-up on Extended Warranties? We think 100% mark-up is still way too much. Don’t buy an Extended Warranty from your dealer (or anyone else) without reading the newly updated RV Extended Warranties Guide first. 

Here is what is included in this popular E-Book:

  • Do You Need an RV Extended Warranty?
  • The Truth about Extended Warranties.
  • Understand How Claims are Paid Out.
  • Additional Options and Surcharges.
  • How to Shopping for the Best Policy.
  • A Proven Five-Step Approach for Selecting the Right Warranty Company.
  • Our Top Picks (A List of the Best Warranty Companies).

RV Extended Warranties (Newly revised and updated)

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