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Something Old, Something New

used travel trailer reviewsRepurposing and vintage are all the rave right now and I’ve been sucked in, big time.  I was obsessed with the pop up trailers and other travel trailers that people are revamping to look rustically chic.  So, I started reading up on the new fad.

In talking to people in the know, I was concerned about some aspects of fixing one up myself.  First off is that it can be very expensive.  Rotted wood, rewiring, stripping it down and sometimes having to gut it and for sure a lot of repainting…I was exhausted just thinking about it.  Another huge concern was health.  Some of the materials used to make old campers are no longer used for good reasons.  They make you sick.  Furthermore, most any old trailer is probably overflowing with mold which happens to be a health hazard.

I was disheartened by my findings but in my online searching, I found a great site that reviews travel trailer manufacturers.  I really got educated from the information I found there.  In fact, that’s where I discovered an all new possibility–a vintage looking camper.  I didn’t have to actually have an old trailer with all the headaches in order to get the nostalgic look and feel.  I could have modern features, durable and lighter materials, up to date interior and best of all, I didn’t have to worry about the health and safety hazards that I might face by restoring an old one.

Some of the models I was interested in were the Gidget Teardrop and White Water Retro.  They are adorable, authentic-looking remakes of their vintage predecessors.

The model I especially loved though was a 16’ Shasta Airflyte manufactured by Forest River.  It comes in a nice variety of color options.  I liked the matador red and white best.  It is a remake of the 1961 classic Shasta Airflyte.  The travel trailer was a limited edition so I really had to do some homework to find one and once I did, I really needed to know my stuff to assure I didn’t act too hastily and pay way too much.  Thanks to this site and the honest and informative reviews therein, I was able to purchase by throw-back replica beauty at a very good price.

Once I bought my Airflyte travel trailer, it was time to show her off.  I live in Plattsburg, New York and had always wanted to see the Grand Canyon.  So, I set out on a cross-country trip.  I’m a thirty-something, single female.  Even though I am very independent and somewhat fearless soul, I was a little apprehensive about undertaking such a feat alone.  Once I pulled out onto the road though, the camper pulled and maneuvered with such ease, I was no longer worried.

trip to grand canyonDid I mention that “Shasta” (as I have endearingly named my trailer) is really very spacious feeling?  It’s built with high quality materials and is well constructed.  Also it looks exactly like the vintage model, everything is new.  I didn’t have to worry that the oven would go out in mid-trip or that the flooring would cave.  Peace of mind is priceless!

The Grand Canyon was amazing.  I took hikes every day and enjoyed the majestic views.  What I liked most about my trip was the people I met along the way.  Shasta is a show stopper and a conversation starter.  Everywhere I went, people asked me about her.  Not only that but people on the road would honk and wave.  It was a feeling like I’ve never had before…and I owe it all to Shasta…and the honest and helpful reviews on RV Reviews.  I take great pride in being independent and doing things by myself but searching and purchasing my travel trailer is one thing I’m glad I didn’t go at alone.