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RV Reviews Testimonials

“The book is excellent! Used it as a guide and reference. Went to the Toronto RV Show with 4 RVs in mind, based on the research you provided. By the 2nd day we purchased a Fifth Wheel. With your book on my IPad in hand, we asked the right questions and it greatly aided us in our final decision.” Paul T.
“Thanks for the book and report. Your product was very informative and valuable, with a lot of information for the price.” Jim M.
“I just want to take this time to thank you for writing the Motorhome Comparison Guide as well as the “How to Save Thousands” report which I downloaded prior to buying the comparison guide. As a result, I learned much more than I thought I would and I am now confident that I will be prepared when I do finally buy my first RV.” Patricia D.
“Thank you for writing all the useful articles and books that really help older folk transitioning to this type of lifestyle.” Conrad and Evelyn C.
“I bought several of your guides over a year ago and just purchased a new Motorhome. Your material was of great value to me. First, in determining which RV to buy and then in the purchase of the RV. Secondly, I would have never guessed that we could purchase a brand new RV at XX% off the list price, had I not read your material. Happily, have had the RV about two weeks now and are having a blast with it. Our plan is to spend 4 months in it this summer.” Alan F.
“I’m glad I signed up to you as we have just purchased a 2018 motor home… Your tips will come in very handy… We would never have thought to check all those items in your Pre-Purchase Inspection Check List. In fact, we will make sure to book the entire afternoon to go through it all..” Flo Z.
“By the way, I’ve really enjoyed your informative book. Keep up the good work.” Greg A.
So, to my fellow boomers, start early, educate yourselves, and put your trust in these folks- these are our sincere recommendations to anyone. Invested in their informative and unbiased and frankly fun to read books -and so glad we did. You’ll be even more satisfied when you’ve made the right choice of unit to invest so much of your hard-earned dollars in. You’ll be glad to stick with your choice and not stuck with a poor one.” Tom and Deb B.
“Thank you for making these books available. I have found them very helpful in my search for a motorhome.” David K.
“All of the information I got from was extremely helpful in helping us to make an informed decision. In fact, the dealer was willing to work with us on the Travel Trailer pricing and we ended up with XX% off of the MSRP. We never would have got that if we hadn’t read your Comparison Guide. I will be doing my own PPI tomorrow and have your checklist.” Matt T.
“The guides were very informative. Thank you!” Tim A.
“The guide was excellent, by the way. We are still shopping and learned a great deal from your book.” Patricia C-H.
“Thank you for the quick reply and the most generous offer! That is super customer service!” Jeanie G.
“The guide is awesome! I have a better understanding all of this now after purchasing your product. We will share my good experiences with this product with other RVers! It’s cheap all things considered…” Chris C.
“Success! Due to your publications, I wound up getting the Airstream Sport 22FB (list price of $XX,XXX) for $XX,XXX! Your publications made this possible. Thank you so very much!” Susan K.
“Your company has always had excellent customer service whenever I have had a problem. More companies could take a lesson from your company.” Patty T.
“The reviews have been hugely helpful to us as we look to purchase an RV to full-time in. Salesperson after salesperson has tried to steer us to their “premium” XXXX or XXXX or other brand. It has been strange to walk on a lot and know more about the history and product line of manufacturers that they carry than they do, some of whom have years in sales. Maybe you guys should open a training school for dealers to educate them on what they sell…” Tim R.
“So glad to get this. Immediately looked book over and, wow, did you do a great job on the various brands. Will be sitting down with a hi-lighter to go thru it. Perfect timing on delivery–rv show tomorrow.” Kit O.
“I wanted to compliment you on the Motorhome Comparison Guide which I used to purchase my motorhome. Your guide was very useful in understanding construction methods, drivability, interior and exterior quality, and so on. It provided important information in one source compared to confusing information found elsewhere. With this in mind, we strongly recommend your service.” Carl S.
“By the way, the service your organization provides by the written word is very much appreciated. Keep up the good work!” Robert C.
“Very excited to start reading. We’re planning to attend a RV show next weekend and wanted to do a quick read thru before attending. Have been looking for 2+ years and we had fallen in the same rut as others… looking at price, perceived quality, layout, features and furnishings rather than looking at ratings, investment retention and construction. My wife and I are glad we came across your website.” Nollie & Juanita J.
“A great book! Thanks for the great tips and information and research for all of us “Newbies” who dream of getting on the road with a new rig. Consequently, we also used your “PPI Checklist” and it was (very helpful).” Rich E.
“Love your book. Very thorough.” Gary W.
“I purchased your 2019 Edition Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel Comparison Guide. We found it very informative and a valuable tool helping me make my decision.” Doug D.
“Thanks for the hard copy. We spent much of the drive home to Wyoming reading and discussing the points made in the book. Due to this, we will be serious buyers later this spring and will refer back to the book many times I’m sure! Thanks so much for your assistance.” Fred N.
“By the way, your ultimate package was very helpful in my RV search! Because of your book, I was able to narrow down to 4 manufacturers which was very beneficial!” Vicki V.
“By the way, the review and the ebooks and the PPI helped us to buy a Tiffin. Most importantly, everything gave us total peace of mind knowing we were making the right decisions. And, reading all of the material gave us a great education as first time RVers. Thank you again for all you do. In other words, it makes a huge difference.” Bobby & Patti B.
“We bought your fifth wheel guide and it has been very helpful. In fact, I am now trying to decide between a new Redwood Cypress model # CY38 FL and a new Grand Design model # 325X. Further, working on the road 9 to 10 months out of the year, I almost live in my camper. ” Gary M.
“My wife and I bought your RV Reviews the last two years planning my retirement and 1st time Class A motor coach purchase. Thanks to your publications I feel very confident in my research. Consequently, the wife and I are taking 2-weeks in May to take the factory tours of Tiffin, Newmar and Entegra. I’m the technical kind of guy so I want to see how they’re put tougher. I also want to thank you for giving me the tools to do my own inspection.” Tony S.
“I absolutely love the hardback book I purchased with them (” Sonya & Robert S.
“Thanks! Your information has indeed proven to be valuable to us.” Robert R.
“THIS comparison guide is AWESOME and SO helpful….. “ Diane L.
“First, let me say that the motorhome guide that I purchased from RVReviews has been well worth the money. Consequently, I’ve gained a lot of insight to Class A motorhomes and have been able to make much more sense of all of the offerings online.” Alan C.
“Thanks. Got the reports, they are great and your people were all so helpful and so friendly when I called. Great site. I will be recommending your site to friends.” George K.
“I’m looking forward to becoming more knowledgeable. Thank you for being so responsive. A rare quality these days.” Sherry P.
“Thank you. We love the book.” Heidi R.
“Thank you. Your comparison guides have been a big help to me in making my decision. After a lot of comparisons and shopping around, I decided to go with a new 5th wheel and keep my F-350, 7.2L diesel truck, instead of switching to a motorhome. As a result, I decided to order it, and have it be exactly what I wanted. We were able to get a deal at almost $5,000 less than your price report said would be a fair retail value, and only $3000 above what your report said was a fair invoice/wholesale price. Your suggestion about buying in the off-season helped a lot with that.”

“We saved a lot of money on the extended warranty, too, thanks to the warranty purchase guide. I haven’t used the PPI yet, except to review it, but I have it standing by for when the 5th wheel arrives at the dealer in 6 to 8 weeks.”

“No doubt, the confidence I carried with me as a buyer came from reviewing your comparison guides. I would never have known about Grand Design or Delaware’s top dealership had I not read about them in your guides. Therefore, we highly recommend your publications to anyone who is seriously thinking about buying an RV.” Brent C.

“Thank you. I’ve spent this weekend reading the package, and I must tell you, I am impressed.” Charles C.
“We have enjoyed all the information in the books.” Alan B.
“I thank you for your assistance, prompt reply, and the report, which is very informative and provides just the info we were looking for to make our choice.” Kelly T.
“Thanks for the excellent RV Review Report. It supports my research and reassures me that I’m looking at the right unit for my intended use. Your PPI is on my check-off list of needs before I finalize my purchase (probably July or August). It’s been a pleasure working with you. Your RV info products and reviews will be #1 on my list of recommendations for any potential RV buyers I meet on my travels.” Mike W.
“After digesting your very informative Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel Guide, I did something I have told others I would NEVER do. I purchased a NEW fifth wheel. After finding the “perfect” unit, I did the research as explained in your guide, and stuck to my guns as you prescribed, and made the purchase. As a result, I honestly believe I saved several thousand dollars by reading your guide. Using your Comparison Guide and the other “free stuff” you provided, made the experience a fun one. I would definitely recommend your guide to RVers. It paid for itself many times over!” Gary D.
“Thanks to what we learned from your books we were able to find the RV that had the best ratings we could afford and we were able to negotiate to the dealer’s bottom line and saved a few thousand dollars. I can say your product is up there with one of the best hundred dollars we have spent. It was easy to read and understand and helped us as we looked at each RV to know where to look and more importantly what to ask. We found that the dealers were not very willing to volunteer information. On the other hand, when they realized we knew what we were talking about, they were very forthcoming.” Tom and Catherine M.
“Your product influenced our thinking before buying our first 25′ trailer (this 30′ will be our second). Thanks again.” Paul H.
“Received your book today and it was very informative. Just what we were looking for. In short, thanks so much!” Mike S.
“My wife and I are heading down the path to retirement in 43 months. We have all but made our minds up on the plans -and it’s due in the majority to your publications. Learning who the top rated companies producing the units made to live in full-time was really a new thought we wouldn’t have had if not for your Comparison Guide. We simply thought they were all probably going to be fine. How wrong we were. We’ve seen it with our own eyes. Deb and I now enjoy spotting pushers vs pullers on the road and ask owners for a tour whenever we can. We have much better trained eyes and can spot the flaws very fast.”
“The Guide arrived today! That was fast!! GREAT INFORMATION! A NECESSITY FOR US! Thanks for everything.” Michael and Barb M.
“The Guide arrived today! That was fast!! GREAT INFORMATION! A NECESSITY FOR US! Thanks for everything.” Michael and Barb M.
“Your information is very informative and has helped me a great deal as I am a rookie in the RV world. Thank you. I certainly appreciate all the time and hard work the company puts in to their products. So very informative for people like me.” Patrick D.
“My husband and I just finished your comprehensive discussion and ratings on the various motorhome manufactures and their various products. All very informative. We really liked the discussion on chassis and the overall structural integrity of manufactures……Again, your book was very informative. Thank you for addressing a subject that only seems to be addressed by word of mouth between biased and non-biased owners. Unfortunately, I wished I had purchased your other books along with it, but I acted too quickly.” Lorene S.
“Just wanted to thank you for all the information that you’ve been sending to my attention. I found it very helpful in establishing the vehicle that fit my requirements.” Tom P.
“The guide is awesome! I have a better understanding all of this now after purchasing your product. We will share my good experiences with this product with other RVers! It’s cheap all things considered…” Chris C.
“Many thanks for your help. Most importantly, thanks for your research and publications, which do much to level the playing field for all us newbie buyers!!!” Mike N.
“I picked up our new RV on Thursday. Thanks for all the exceedingly helpful information. (Yes, I have the PPI checklist ready to go and the inspection tools packed.) The books were terrific! You are providing a much needed service to the consumers.” Greg and Lynda B.
“Just to let you know your other products have helped me quite a bit in the purchase of our first motor home. In fact, I will be picking up our new Motorhome on Tuesday and will also be using your (Pre-Purchase Inspection) check list alongside the dealer list. Thanks again.” Mike F.
“Thanks VERY much for your insights! We’ll let you know what we eventually decide.” Scott & Robin
“I am a single woman RV owner and I really appreciate all your literature and your emails regarding RVs. They help me stay on top of everything. Thank you.” Chris L.
“Received the motor home comparison guide yesterday. Well done. Full of good info. Thanks for your help.” Ralph M.
“…I’ll go with the second option: a copy of your Pre-Purchase Inspection Guide. Look forward to reading it–hopefully within hours, since I may be ready to use it today! In fact, right now I’m reading and enjoying your bonus e-book on extended warranties–very informative and I love the touch of humor.” Robert W. (Second Comments)

“Just a quick thanks for your valuable, straightforward and enjoyable guide books. I just finished reading your excellent guide on Extended Warranties, and I’m about to shop for same in advance of making a deal on our first 5th Wheel (which we’ve already found and feel fairly confident about partly due to your Trailer and 5th Wheel Comparison Guide and the individual Model Report I received. Next I’ll read, take notes on, and probably print sections of How to Purchase an RV and your Pre-Purchase Inspection Guide. After that, with a LOT more confidence than I would otherwise have had, I’ll call our friendly salesman and set a time to carefully inspect our chosen RV and negotiate a deal.

It’s great to know that there are people like you ready to help people like me to make wise decisions. As a result, we’re greatly looking forward to our first full-time experience (plan to travel the US and parts of Canada for the next 10 months).

Thanks again for your assistance. I’ll share any great successes as well as unexpected potholes we encounter along the way.” Robert W. (First Comments)

“Thank you for attaching the bonus information. I am grateful for the information in the book. It is enlightening and helpful.” Debra J.
“Thank you for all the books and reviews that have guided me through the process of selecting and purchasing the above RV which I will inspect thoroughly on Tuesday and then bring home if all goes well. As a result, I actually feel good about the price, the vehicle and the dealer. Hopefully, my feelings bear fruit on Tuesday. Thank you all.” Walls A.
“I purchased your books before I purchased my RV and found them very informative.” Anthony B.
“Thanks for the hard copy. We spent much of the drive home to Wyoming reading and discussing the points made in the book. Due to this, we will be serious buyers later this spring and will refer back to the book many times I’m sure! Thanks so much for your assistance.” Fred N.
“Thank so much for getting back to me and for the PPI Inspection Book. I look forward to reading all of the books. I have been reading the “Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel Comparison Guide”, and believe it is exactly what I have been looking for. Keep up the good work.” Steve M.
“We purchased the book last year and have used it repeatedly. Now, my husband and I are ready to purchase a Class C Motor home.” Donna R.
“My wife and I are both enjoying the ebook. It is just packed with information very useful to us. Thanks for taking the time to put this information together for us and others. Good product!” George H
“Thank you so much for helping me overcome my technological limitations. By the way, the email attachments you sent me opened just fine. Excellent content as well!” Bob L.
“We received the E-Book HOW TO BUY AN RV AND SAVE, and realized we were moving much too quickly toward a purchase. The list of 12 What Not To Dos was very helpful, kept us from buying too soon, put us on the right track, and saved us some money and heartache down the road.” Dave B.
“Interesting info in your book about the importance of the chassis and frames. We’re just now getting into the “How to Buy an RV” book now. Hopefully, your book will answer all my questions and give me the stuff I need to get a good deal. Thanks for your help in my RV shopping. Worth the $89 spent. Good getting independent info and not biased.” Curtis Z.
“Thank you for such a helpful series of publications. On our own, we’d narrowed our search for a Class B RV to offerings from Road-trek, Coach House, and Sportsmobile, roughly in that order, but it was reassuring to see that our research was backed up by yours, which naturally has a much greater breadth and depth. As a result, I will definitely recommend your site and publications to any friends or family who decide to start the search for an RV. Aloha.” Rick N.
“We purchased your Motorhome Comparison Guide along with several other you offer online. Along with my purchase one of the perks was that you would allow me to get up to three dealer invoice prices and tell me what I should reasonably pay for an RV I am interested in. Your book and other e-books I ordered have been very very helpful in our search. Consequently, my son in law will be buying one of your books for trailers this month, too, after seeing ours.” Laurie S.
“My wife and I are learning a lot and thoroughly enjoying the Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel Comparison Guide … as we are investigating the vast market and possibly looking to make our 1st purchase. Appreciate all of the thought provoking questions …. spot on.” Tom K.