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The 2015 Motorhome Comparison Guide is now available

November and December are historically slow times in the RV world. The end of summer and the onset of cold weather tend to cool people’s travel urges and RV sales slow down. Oddly enough, this is one of the best times to buy an RV. Dealers are desperate to move out last year’s models and salespeople are eager to deal. Strangely enough, here at this is definitely our busiest time of year. The arrival of the next year’s models keeps us busier than an understaffed St. Nick as we tour and test drive all the latest and greatest RVs and sift through reams of customer feedback and manufacturer data –and this is before we sit down to update the Motorhome Comparison Guide –now entering its eleventh year.  

Well, the updated guide is officially finished and the first printing recently landed on our doorstep –hot off the press. The shelves are now stocked and we are ready to roll. So hop online and order your copy today. No shoving, please. There’s plenty for everyone.

By popular request some new manufacturers have been added to the lineup and ALL manufacturer articles and rating charts have been revised for the 2015 model year. There isn’t a more current guide on the market -anywhere. We’ve also improved the E-Book version with lots of bookmarks to make it easier to move around -no more scrolling! This is our most ambitious offering to date with an extra 50 pages of info and more manufacturers than ever before.

And just in the nick of time! 2015 is shaping up to be a banner year for the RV industry. Economically, the country has stabilized nicely (whew!) and as an unexpected bonus, oil prices have fallen and show no sign of climbing significantly anytime soon (decades, possibly, if some reports are correct) –thanks in large part to staggering amounts of oil being extracted from North Dakota, of all places, an event that surprised as many people in the U.S. as it did in the Middle East.

So while OPEC fights to remain relevant -mostly by lowering prices- the rest of us get a long awaited break in gas prices. And what do lower gas prices mean to RVers? Longer and more frequent trips -at a much more affordable price. If you’ve been on the fence about buying your dream motorhome and hitting the road, then this might just be the sign you’ve been waiting for. Our new guide covers and rates all major manufacturers and will show you how to identify quality construction when you see it. Our guide is so informative that we feel you’ll know more about the motorhomes you see than the dealer salesperson -and that’s the way to buy right and save big. Our guides aren’t cheap, roughly twice the cost of a typical book, mostly due to our independent status and research costs, but we frequently hear from our customers that our information helped them save thousands of dollars while getting the perfect RV for them -and that’s the best deal for everyone.

In closing, we’d like to take a moment to wish everyone the happiest of holidays and to sincerely thank all of our readers for making 2014 a great year. We really do love what we do and always enjoy hearing from you folks around the country.

Safe travels for 2015!

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