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The NEW Motorhome Comparison Guide is here.


We are pleased to announce the release of the revised and updated Motorhome Comparison Guide for 2016. Ideally we publish these updates in early January but some late breaking events in the RV world as well as some last minute significant model releases prompted a delay to include these changes. The result is the most current and up-to-date motorhome comparison guide on the market.

Aside from lots of updated articles and charts, the 2016 Guide now includes a discussion on diesel DEF systems as well as more model info and some notable news (some good, some not so good) regarding various manufacturers.

Acquisition and ownership changes continue, with the biggest getting bigger (but not always better, sadly), but we also review lots of strong independent “Boutique Builders” –a niche really coming in to its own and well worth consideration. We found a significant percentage of BBs (much higher than their mass produced competitors) taking great pride in delivering a quality product with stellar hands-on customer service –as would be expected-  but we were thrilled to find their prices entering the affordable range for more buyers and, most notably, some of the best warranties we’ve ever seen in the industry.

As many of our longtime readers know, we’ve railed for years againstthe abysmal warranties provided by almost all RV manufacturers but for 2016 we are cautiously optimistic that we may now be witnessing the dawn of adequate no-nonsense factory coverage –courtesy of boutique builders and not the big behemoths. We’re confident this will benefit buyers and, hopefully, those companies willing to put their money where their mouth is. On the other side of the coin, this could also be a real cause of alarm for those companies building sub-par coaches and getting away with it courtesy of a minimal warranty with lots of fine print. It may not be long before they have to follow suit to stay relevant. If their quality is questionable, well, they may find themselves on the hook for costly repairs and not the consumer. Talk about sweet justice, huh?

For those seriously considering an RV purchase in 2016, both of our best-selling guides (the 2016 Motorhome Comparison Guide and the Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel Comparison Guide) are now updated and available today. The Pre-Purchase Inspection Guide and the Extended RV Warranties Guide are recommended complementary products worthy of consideration, as well.

And that’s the news for today. RV Shows will continue across the country for the next month or so. Some solid research now could pay off in spades later.

For you Snow Birds and Four Season RVers, make sure and check those tire pressures before hitting the road. Cold weather will cause a significant drop in tire pressure and if you haven’t checked in the last month or so, expect to find tires in need of a fill up. Not only will your trip be much safer but your mileage will be improved. A win-win.

Happy Travels,

John Toffler