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RV Reviews – Factory Ratings – Model Specific RV Reports

Why RV Reviews?

Did you know that nearly 80% of current RV owners feel they overpaid or bought the wrong RV for them? Nothing ruins the first trip like buyer remorse. We have one goal at To make sure our readers find themselves in the happy 20% of this unfortunate statistic.

Our RV reviews are based on actual owner feedback.

Our unbiased RV Reviews will enable you to purchase with confidence and peace of mind. You’ll learn which RV manufacturers consistently rate highly in initial customer satisfaction and which RV companies are known for excellent customer service and build quality. You’ll also learn which builders to avoid -and why. Instead of listing the Top 10 RVs without any explanation, our easy-to-read guides provide the reasons behind the ratings.

Would you want to know which RV manufacturer recently filed for bankruptcy protection or who is battling an extended lawsuit for failing to honor warranties? How about knowing which $25,000 RV consistently outscores its $40,000 competitors?

We’ve been providing RV Reviews for 15 years now

Did you know most RV reviews are funded by the RV industry?

We are a true independent research firm and accept no monies, financial considerations or kickbacks to promote one RV over another. All of our books are written in-house by our staff and editors. After 20 years of reviewing RVs, our books are loaded with time-tested money saving tips and tricks. Written in an easy-to-read style, you’ll learn all about the materials and construction techniques used in today’s RV. In fact, most of our readers soon realize they know more about RVs than the salesperson they’re working with.

Our best-selling RV guides have become the gold standard for consumers looking for inside information about the RV industry, its’ manufacturers and their products. We’ve helped thousands of RV buyers buy right, the first time -for less. Each respective guide focuses on one segment of RV (Motorhomes, Travel Trailers & Fifth Wheels, Lightweight & Pop-Ups and Truck Campers). Lastly, a list of Top 10 RVs isn’t very specific. Our charts rate each segment against its competitors. Why? Because we’ve found that showing the top fifth wheels in the entry level segment is much more useful than a generic list of Top 10 RVs.

Research RV Reviews Now and Save Later

Top 10 RVs Reviews starsAnyone can publish a list of Top 10 RVs.

Buying a motorhome, fifth wheel or travel trailer is a big investment and you need to know if it is adequate for your travel needs and if it will stand the test of time. For those who don’t research thoroughly, a poorly built RV won’t reveal its’ true self until after it’s purchased and put in to service. Decorative fabrics and Corian countertops can dress up even the shoddiest RV but our readers know that what’s beneath the surface is more important than any superficial flash or glitz.

With our guides you’ll learn which features and components to focus on and which questions to ask. You’ll learn how to identify stellar build quality from subpar or dated construction techniques. All RV buyers want a good deal, but they usually end up with what they deserve. Remember, an ounce of prevention (or in this case, research) is worth a pound of cure (trying to unload a lemon at a significant loss, for instance).

What do our customers have to say? Why we’re different.

We are confident that our guides can help anyone buy the right RV at the best price. (You would expect us to say that, wouldn’t you? We understand.) But thousands of satisfied customers over the years have shared their success stories with us. We ask for feedback from every reader -after the sale- and the response is consistently and overwhelmingly positive.

While we appreciate feedback from our customers (it does make us feel good!), our purpose is a bit more serious minded. We use reader feedback to constantly revise and tweak our books and buying guides. We remain committed to providing the information RV buyers really want, and our customer feedback has led us to where we are now. Saying that our books and various packages will pay for themselves falls far short of our goal. We honestly think our guides can help you save thousands of dollars on your RV.

Our frequently updated Testimonials page is available for anyone curious to see some comments from past readers.

Ready to start your research? Our Home Page is the best place to start. Let the fun begin!

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