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Travel Light and Travel Wise

The Ultralight Experience

Ultralight Travel Trailer NewI just hit retirement!  Time to take to the road.  I’m not your average grandma.  I am an adventurist, you might say.

I’m also very practical and like to make smart decisions.  I was nervous about actually choosing an RV.  Although I had a list of features I wanted, the process was overwhelming.  Good thing I heard about the lightweight comparison guide by The site provides excellent and unbiased reviews along with tons of great information on the majority of RV manufacturers in the United States.  I read a good bit on the site and decided I wanted an ultralight travel trailer.

There were several main reasons I wanted to go with the ultralight style.  First and foremost, they are economical.  I’m a senior and have seen gas prices rise and fall so many times, I know to prepare for gas hikes.  I don’t want to be stuck out, unable to travel if gas prices are up.

I also wanted the RV to pull freely and to be easily maneuvered.  An ultralight fit my needs in that department as well.  After some looking around, I chose the Dutch stream Aerolite.

My husband and I couldn’t wait to take our new RV for a spin.  When I say “a spin”, I mean driving from Plattsburgh, New York to Gunnison, Colorado where our granddaughter is going to college.  It was a just a tad over 2,000 miles.

We were so pleasantly surprised with the amenities, king size beds, tinted windows, an outdoor camp kitchen and, of course, a shower.  The RV is 37 feet when spread and weighs a bit under 7,000 pounds which is superb.  We opted for a floorplan with ample room because we wanted the option to take guests along.  Good thing because there is so much to do around Gunnison, we ended up picking up our granddaughter and heading to Blue Mesa Reservoir, the largest, bluest lake in the state of Colorado.  It is enveloped in the majestic Rockies, right between Gunnison and Montrose, truly heaven on earth.

We had the time of our lives enjoying our granddaughter, the gorgeous blue lake and our brand new ultralight RV.  We fished and hiked during the day and sat around the campfire by night. My granddaughter got out on the lake in her paddle boat almost every day.

Our trip in the Aerolite was amazing, all the way there, while there and all the way back.  I get teary eyed and sentimental when I think of how we would have missed all the memories had we not taken the plunge and purchased our RV.