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Truck Camper Comparison Guide

Do You Know Who Builds the Best Truck Campers?

Our Truck Camper Comparison Guide rates the top manufacturers in North America. Take advantage of our LIMITED TIME ONLY 50% OFF SALE! Keep reading to learn more.

Truck Campers have been around for decades with little to no innovation but that has changed drastically in the last few years. Suddenly Truck Campers are cool and loaded with amenities previously only found in high end travel trailers. Materials used are both lighter and stronger and construction techniques have advanced. The advent of slideouts has resulted in some surprisingly roomy campers. Long the camper of choice for the solo traveler, today’s Truck Camper has expanded its user base to include couples and even small families. Have your heart set on a small travel trailer? You owe it to yourself to check out today’s “Piggyback”. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Using your existing truck and still having access to your trailer hitch are just two of the advantages you’ll discover.

Want to go camping AND take your fishing boat? A Truck Camper is the way to go. Want to be able to hook up and hit the road in minutes? How about dropping your camper and setting up single handedly with the push of a button? Again, look to today’s Truck Camper. Air Conditioning and safe, reliable heat systems have been paired with well insulated bodies, enabling today’s camper to travel in comfort regardless of the season. And for the off-the-grid boon-docker, there are now Extreme Truck Campers, featuring solar panels, generators and enough survival options to satisfy even the most adventurous adventurer. Our BRAND NEW Comparison Guide will educate you on the most important aspects of today’s Truck Camper. In our famous easy-to-read and reference style you’ll learn the following:

  • Determining the best size and weight unit for your truck
  • Soft Side versus Hard Side: Pros and Cons
  • Construction Techniques and Methods: Which is Best?
  • What to look for in quality windows
  • Picking the best roof for you (very important)
  • Contact info for each manufacturer: Simplify your search

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But That's Not All in Our Truck Camper Comparison Guide...

As readers of our other books already know, we delve deeply into the best and best-known manufacturers available in North America today. Each manufacturer is represented with its own article and informative chart showing feedback based on existing customer feedback. It’s worth noting that we are an independent research company that accepts no kickbacks, monies or financial consideration from ANY manufacturer or dealer. Our articles are written from a subjective point of view and feature honest and unbiased opinions that RV buyers have trusted for 20 years now. In this book we offer both “Recommended” as well as “Stay Away” alerts for various manufacturers. Want to know who rates highest in Customer Satisfaction? It’s in the book. Want to know who rates lowest? Also, in the book.

All buyers want to know if the model they are considering is well built and will stand the test of time. Nobody wants a poorly built Truck Camper, new or used -and unfortunately there are some out there. Understanding today’s construction techniques and materials will enable even the greenest RVer to quickly identify quality when they see it. Our goal is to make you, the consumer, more informed than the dealer you’re working with. We have long emphasized that knowledge is power and knowing today’s Truck Camper, inside and out, will allow you to buy right the first time -while getting the best price.
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As we have said for years, most RV salespeople do not know much about the overall construction methods of the products they sell. There are exceptions, to be sure, but trusting your local dealer to steer you to the best camper for you is not a good strategy for success. You owe it to yourself to know your product and never allow yourself to be steered to an inferior RV. A few hours with our guide will enable you to shop with confidence and know a great deal when you see it. Always remember, a salesperson has a different end-goal than you. He or she wants to move product. They want a bonus for promoting one camper over another. You can’t blame them; it’s their job. But your end-goal is the only one you should be concerned with. You want the best Truck Camper for your needs -at the best price. For this you will need the assistance of an unbiased third party. And for over ten years now, has been the choice for thousands of RV buyers.

List of Truck Camper Manufacturers Rated*

Manufacturers Manufacturers Manufacturers
Air Stream Forest River Pacific Coast Works
Alfa-Leisure Glendale RV Palomino RV
Ameri-camp Grand Design Peterson Industries
Bigfoot Gulf Stream Pilgrim International
Carriage Inc Heartland RV Prime Time
Casita Highland Ridge Redwood RV
Chalet RV Holiday Rambler R-Vision
Cikira RV Jayco Inc Skyline Corp
Coachmen Keystone RV Starcraft RV
Crossroads RV Comfort RV Sunnybrook RV
Cruiser RV K-Z RV Teton Homes
DRV (Double Tree) Lance Campers Thor Industries
Dutchmen RV LifeStyle TrailManor
Dynamax Livin' Life Travel Lite
Earthbound New Horizons RV Travel Supreme
Eclipse RV Newmar Triple E RV
Escape Northwood Weekend Warrior
EverGreen RV NuWa Industries Western RV
Extreme Warrior Open Range RV Winnebago
Fleetwood RV Outdoors RV Yellowstone RV

*Some of the manufacturers on the chart above are no longer in production but they still have numerous Truck Campers on the used market.

How to Buy the Brand New Truck Camper Guide

Rating the Top Truck Camper Manufacturers in North America… This offer includes our new Truck Camper Comparison Guide in your choice of either E-Book or Printed format. Order the E-Book and begin reading within minutes. Order the Printed Book and we’ll ship it Priority Mail, usually on the same business day. We are the only company online that provides factory ratings with fair and balanced reviews. Get straight answers to your questions and learn which manufacturers build the best quality products at affordable prices. E-Book orders will receive instructions to access your E-Book once your order has been completed. Save your E-Book on your computer, Tablet or iPhone. You have the option to print the entire book or certain sections that are important to you. E-Book downloads quickly with normal internet connection. All printed book orders are shipped priority mail for FREE in U.S. Please allow 3-4 days for delivery.