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Truck Campers are back -in a BIG way!

Question of the week:

“Why don’t you guys cover Truck Campers?” Mike from Tampa


Great question, Mike, and you’re not the first to ask -but you may be the last. For several years now we’ve been fielding increasing numbers of questions from folks about the possibility of a Truck Camper book. Some research showed a surprisingly robust industry with lots of manufacturers providing innovative and modern takes on an old classic. Truck campers, long limited in size to whatever could be shoe-horned into the bed of a pick-up truck, have expanded in both size and features, most notably with the introduction of slideouts. As most of you know, slideouts have been around for some years now but have had no impact as big as what they’ve done to the Piggyback. All of a sudden the baby brother to the Travel Trailer has room, square footage, space to stretch out, you name it. And it still maintains all of the advantages it had all along: simplicity, easy maintenance (no tires or engine to wear out), and the ability to latch on to your existing pick up.

The materials used have advanced, as well. Stronger, lighter and safer, with low-emitting finishes and interiors, many of the bigger truck campers of today weigh less than some of the smallest truck campers of yesterday -in some cases a lot less. This translates instantly to a better and more nimble driving experience with better fuel economy. Easy on and easy off systems have become the norm and in most cases can be handled easily by one person in less than a minute.

So impressed were we here at with what we found happening in the truck camper galaxy that we began work on a new book in earnest last fall. Now, after hundreds of hours of conversation with dealers, owners and manufacturers, the compiling of vast reams of data, and the hammering out of dozens of articles, charts, and helpful tips, we are happy to announce that we are sending the finished product to the printer post haste. If all goes well, look for a big announcement in the coming weeks.

How excited are we about this new offering to our lineup? Let’s put it this way, a year ago I would have said we weren’t interested in pursuing a Truck Camper book. It was an outdated mode of travel, I would have said (and apparently did say on several occasions as some in the office have pointed out). It hadn’t kept pace with the times and there weren’t enough innovations and players to justify a book. And today? I am proud to say that I am officially a fan of Truck Campers and feel this should be an option considered by any solo camper, couple, or small family. They are that cool. And, true to my word at the outset, I am officially announcing that I was wrong about truck campers. And I was wrong about truck campers on numerous occasions in front of numerous people -several of whom work for me and apparently have photographic memories.

So there you have it. Our exciting announcement combined with the bonus of seeing me eat crow in front of 5,000+ readers. We’ll let you know when the books are in stock and, as always, we look forward to feedback from those of you kind enough to write.