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What Type of RV Buyer Are You?

RV Terms & Intended Use for Potential RV Buyers

RV VacationWhen we interviewed the manufacturers for this guide we asked the question, “How would you best describe your customers?” They were able to choose from three selected answers below:

  • Entry-level     Price being the biggest factor
  • Mid-range      Quality and price playing a big role
  • Upper-end     Quality and style the most important

Below are some terms you may or may not be familiar with. The way you intend to use your RV will help define what type of buyer you are. When visiting an RV dealership your salesperson will probably ask you, How do you plan to use your RV?Some common terms used today are:

  • Camper or Weekender (2-4 weeks of use per year)
  • Vacationer (4-8 weeks of use)
  • RV Trekking or Boondocking (6- 10 weeks of use)
  • Working Solos (8-16 weeks of use)
  • Snowbirds (12-36 weeks of use)
  • Full-timer

How you will use your RV will determine what type of recreational vehicle you should buy. We receive many calls and one question we get asked a lot is, “Who makes the best RV?” A great question but it’s too general and our follow up response is usually, what type of RVing do you plan to do? Or, how much time do you plan to use your RV in a year? For example if a buyer is only going to use their unit 3-4 weeks out of the year that would be considered weekender use. In this case we would probably suggest a entry-level or economy model. There are a number of manufacturers that specialize in building these types of RVs and our rating guides reveal which manufacturers a buyer should consider based on their travel needs.

Our RV consumer guides divide the manufacturers into three separate categories.

  •  Premium
  •  Above Average
  •  Economy

Most buyers have a budget or set amount they are willing to pay for a particular product based on perceived value. An RV buyer will typically fall into one of the three categories listed above. Whether you’re an upper-end buyer, above average buyer or an entry-level buyer this guide will help you focus on companies that meet your expectations and comfort level.

Premium: Denotes that the product is well-appointed, offers excellent performance and utilizes quality materials. This type of product is priced accordingly and is considered top of the line or the best of the best. Manufacturers that fall into the premium category are appealing to upper-end buyers with quality and style being the most important.

Above Average: Denotes that the product offers many popular features, performs well and uses quality materials at a price below the top of the line products. Companies that fall into the above average category are appealing to mid-range buyers, price and quality both playing an important role.

Economy: Denotes that the product offers satisfactory performance with basic features only, at an affordable price for those on a tight budget. Companies that fall into the economy category are appealing to entry-level buyers, price being the biggest factor.

Before you spend thousand of dollars on a recreational vehicle get the facts and learn which manufacturers build quality products for each category as listed above.

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